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12 Free Crochet Patterns For Stuffed Animals You Can Donate To Pediatric Hospitals

12 Free Crochet Patterns For Stuffed Animals You Can Donate To Pediatric Hospitals

These 12 free crochet patterns for stuffed animals are a great starting point for anyone looking to make and donate stuffed animals to pediatric hospitals.

September, after all, is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and I thought a stuffed animal lovey is an ideal donation for hospitals that serve children battling cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

So once again, I put out a call to the wonderful members of the Crochet & Knit Bloggers Social to share one of their most popular (and free!) crochet stuffed toy patterns.

And as always, they didn’t disappoint!

My goal in pulling together this list of free crochet patterns was to provide options that made up the perfect mix of fun and fantastic.

I also wanted items that were easily portable so that a child visiting or staying in a hospital for treatment could easily bring it along with them whenever they go.

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Make & Donate One Of These Free Crochet Stuffed Animal Patterns

This could have been a very long list of patterns, but I wanted to pay homage to my friend who died from childhood cancer when we were 12.

So today I offer you 12 beautiful crochet patterns for stuffed animals in the hopes that you will find several that speak to you.

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Which Crochet Stuffed Animal Pattern Is Calling To You?

I already explained in an earlier post that I’m not much into fiber arts.

I used to knit basic things like scarves and hats years ago, but haven’t really gone back to it.

My brain, instead, thinks along the lines of how something that will be sewn together.

This wonderful group of crochet patterns for stuffed animals, though, has me rethinking my stance on not taking up another creative outlet.

Crochet hooks are inexpensive and I still have a bunch of yarn, therefore what’s the harm?

So, don’t be surprised if you see me posting about my crochet animal attempts.

I’m not even a cat person, but the itty bitty crochet kitty is calling my name…

Share The Goods: Which free crochet pattern will you make first?

Please leave a comment below to let me know which pattern you plan to tackle first.

And once you finish your stuffed animal, feel free to tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can share your beautiful creation.

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