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18 International Cookie Recipes For Your Holiday Exchange

18 International Cookie Recipes For Your Holiday Exchange

These 18 international cookie recipes are sure to be a hit at your holiday cookie exchange.

I know that most people have their tried-and-true holiday cookie recipe list that they’ve been using for years. Sometimes, however, it’s good to shake things up a little bit.

And what better way than to add a some new textures and flavors to the mix?

I realize it’s not always easy to find cookie recipes from around the world because when I search for delicious cookie recipes online and ask around, I typically get a lot of chocolate chip-focused suggestions.

After all, the crowd favorites will always be a hit. But, it’s good to shake things up sometimes!

So, when it comes to “international cookie recipes,” I will admit that I took a couple of liberties here and there.

The tasty cookie recipes on this list are from somewhere outside of the United States or include flavors that aren’t something you’d find in a typical American dessert.

Regardless, it’s always fun to add some cookies from around the world into the mix because it allows you to learn about different cultures and traditions.

If you’ve been following this month’s bake sale-focused theme, you can also include some of these cookie recipes as part of your bake sale for charity.

This can even be a family affair where you talk about the country of origin while you bake!

Cookie Recipes From Around The World

It’s An International Trip For Your Taste Buds

It’s always nice to create to new family memories while baking together in the kitchen.

So, I hope that my list of international cookie recipes provided you with some new opportunities that will soon become family favorites.

Once they’ve been family tested and approved, maybe even some of them will make the cut for your holiday cookie exchange!

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