3 Easy DIY Scrub Cap Patterns

Along with face masks, scrub caps (aka surgical caps) are another item that healthcare workers are requesting to keep themselves as safe as possible, so here are three DIY scrub cap patterns to consider.

Since most of us don’t regularly sew items for healthcare professionals, a good scrub cap pattern will become a fast friend. Not to mention, just like with face mask designs, people have specific preferences for the scrub cap design.

The biggest request I’ve had so far is to have a cap that will allow people to tuck (thereby protecting) their hair completely. For people with long hair, this means a longer bottom edge that has some give.

I therefore wanted to provide several options to accommodate as many people as possible. So, here are three FREE scrub cap patterns that should suit almost every need.

Try One Of These DIY Scrub Cap Patterns

Kadiddlehopper Scrub Cap Pattern

This scrub cap pattern from Kadiddlehopper is what I remember seeing in hospitals as a standard-issue scrub cap design. I have been making these for a little while now and the pattern is super simple to cut and sew. This is a reversible design too!

Not only does she offer a paper pattern, but also an SVG file if you’d like to use your Cricut or Silhouette to cut your fabric instead.

Feedback has been that it’s a good fit, but (as mentioned above) some people needed more space to tuck and cover their long hair completely.

Doodabug Bouffant Surgical Cap Pattern

The Doodabug website and shop offer a variety of products to help you “make beautiful things,” but her surgical cap pattern is FREE.

This bouffant style features a thick headband and what appears to be a shower cap-like styling. This will cover all of someone’s hair quite easily.

You can request her pattern here by providing some brief information to have the pattern emailed to you.

Linda Nguyen’s Scrub Cap Pattern

Siblings are the best! Linda Nguyen designed this scrub cap design because her sister is an ER doctor who needed a scrub cap that left enough room to hold her ponytail.

You can find Linda’s instructions with pictures here. The pattern can be found here and can be used for personal use only.

Surgical Caps Can Be Simple Sewing

If you’re wondering whether or not you can sew a scrub cap because it’s not straight line sewing, do not fret!

Each of these patterns not only has detailed instructions, but after that first go at it, sewing the curve will be a non-issue.

Sewing caps is also a great way to contribute if you want to keep sewing but need to take a break from sewing masks. Or, if finding the right face mask pattern has been tough maybe surgical caps are your thing!

Every donation counts so if you’ve had your fill of face masks, you could move on to scrub caps and make someone’s day.

Share The Goods

If you are an organization in need of handmade items please feel free to contact me and let me know more about your needs. There are a lot of people with home studios who want to contribute and are looking for a variety of ways to volunteer.