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3 Important Gifts For Mastectomy Patients To Make Today

3 Important Gifts For Mastectomy Patients To Make Today

When you make these gifts for mastectomy patients you will provide comfort and support to one of the most difficult times of a person’s life.

Each of these handmade items is a wonderful way to craft for a cause.

These projects are intended for a mastectomy patient post-surgery and require simple materials that are easy to find.

Breast Cancer Organizations Helping Their Local Communities

Before we get to the project list, I want to provide some basic information about breast cancer and some organizations that are always in need of your support.

It is estimated that breast cancer will impact just over to 276,000 people in US in 2020, it’s therefore no surprise that there are a many organizations focused on providing support and resources.

I already showcased five breast cancer-focused nonprofits I think you should know.

So, here are an additional three quality organizations that are not only serving people diagnosed by breast cancer, but their families as well.

Three handmade gifts for mastectomy PINME

Sisters By Choice

Sisters By Choice was founded Dr. Dr. Phillips-Reed in 1989 because she saw, “the need for programs that would increase public knowledge and awareness of breast cancer to reduce the mortality and morbidity of the disease.”

While Sisters By Choice was initially formed as a support group for women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families, it has grown into a multi-faceted organization.

Sisters By Choice is located in Lithonia, GA and serves people in and around Atlanta, GA.

African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc.

The African American Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc. (AABCA) is “dedicated to providing hope, awareness, education, emotional and social support to breast cancer survivors, their family members and the community.”

Located in Minneapolis, MN, the AABCA provides culturally-specific resources and a space where African American women can connect and support each other.

Latinas Contra Cancer

The mission of Latinas Contra Cancer is, “to create an inclusive health care system that provides services to the underserved Latino population around issues of cancer.”

Located in San Jose, CA, Latinas Contra Cancer intends to, “decrease cancer-related health disparities among the Hispanic population in Santa Clara County through culturally and linguistically specific community health outreach, education, screening, and navigation services provided by bilingual, bi-cultural patient coordinators and navigators.”

One of their important support services is their wig and breast prosthesis boutique where they offer a variety of wigs, breast prostheses, and accessories to cancer patients and survivors.

Clients have a personalized shopping experience and can work with a trained mastectomy fitter in English or in Spanish.

Let’s Sew For A Cause And Make Gifts For Mastectomy Patients

The three gifts for mastectomy patients included in this post are:

  1. a heart-shaped mastectomy pillow,
  2. a waterproof mastectomy drain bag holder for the shower, and
  3. a port pillow for exercising.

Each project requires a sewing machine, but you only need basic sewing skills.

If you choose to do all three projects at once, it should take just over an hour total if you have all the materials in your stash.

Gift #1: Heart-Shaped Mastectomy Pillow

How to make a mastectomy pillow PINME

A heart-shaped mastectomy pillow is one of the most popular comfort pillow shapes for post-op patients.

A pillow is important because it relieves pressure from the incision site when placed underneath one arm.

If someone prefers a bigger pillow, I also offer a free double mastectomy comfort pillow pattern.

The materials you need to make a mastectomy comfort pillow are 2 pieces of 15″ x 15″ 100% cotton fabric and pillow stuffing.

Follow the detailed tutorial on how to make a mastectomy pillow or, just download the free mastectomy pillow pattern, watch the video tutorial, and get started immediately.

Video Tutorial: Sew A Mastectomy Pillow In A Heart Shape

Gift #2: Waterproof Mastectomy Drain Bag Holder For The Shower

Make a waterproof mastectomy drain bag holder PINME Create To Donate

As I talked with breast cancer-focused nonprofits to learn more about what mastectomy patients need post-surgery, there were a lot of conversations around drain management.

After doing some additional research, I found that there are a lot DIY drain management options for daily wear.

There are limited waterproof options, though, which means taking a shower becomes a challenge.

So I put on my crafty thinking cap and designed a mastectomy drain holder that is waterproof and adjustable.

I also wanted to make sure that almost anyone could make these easily so this project requires simple items you can easily purchase online.

To make a mastectomy drain bag holder for the shower, you need only 2 neoprene (not foam) koozies, one yard of webbing, and 2 strap adjusters if you want a no-sew option.

To learn how to make this much-needed gift, follow the step-by-step mastectomy drain bag holder tutorial or watch the video below.

Video Tutorial: Waterproof Drain Bag Holder For Post-Op Mastectomy Patients

Gift #3: Bra Bumper Port Pillow For Exercising

Port pillow for exercising Create To Donate PINME

The story behind how to make a port pillow for exercising is one of my personal “feel good” moments for 2020 because it reminds me how community matters.

It all started when I was contacted by Sarahh.

She explained that she and her mother-in-law, Marilyn, had collaborated to create a port pillow pattern that allowed her to exercise comfortably with her port.

Their brilliant “bra bumper” attaches to a sports bra strap and raises the strap away from the port so that it doesn’t aggravate the area or put too much pressure on it.

This tiny port protector let her get back to more active, doctor-approved movement and she wanted others to have the same opportunity.

So, she kindly offered to share the port pillow pattern on Create To Donate!

I know that this little pillow will make a world of difference for so many mastectomy patients who may still need a port post-op.

I am therefore honored to provide a detailed step-by-step tutorial along with the video tutorial below.

This project requires fabric scraps, a teeny amount of pillow stuffing (even yarn scraps will do), and hook-and-loop tape.

Video Tutorial: Sew A Port Pillow For Exercising

Gifts For Mastectomy Patients Make An Amazing Impact

Handmade gifts for cancer support are always welcome.

For post-op mastectomy patients, these 3 gift ideas are not only welcome but make a huge difference during recovery.

They not only bring warmth or comfort, but also show compassion to people and organizations in a time of need.

Which project will you tackle today?

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