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4 Different Ways To Make Chemo Caps For Women

4 Different Ways To Make Chemo Caps For Women

Here are four different ways to make chemo caps for women as a gift for a friend or to donate to charity.

You may be wondering, “What’s so different about a chemo cap that a regular hat won’t be OK too?”

So before we get to the DIY chemo cap approaches, here are some key details about how designing a chemo cap is just that little bit different than some typical hats.

What Is A Chemo Cap?

When someone refers to a “chemo cap,” it is typically a form of comfortable head cover made with the specific needs of people who are going through chemotherapy.

Some of theses needs are:

  • The cap/hat needs to use soft materials that won’t irritate the scalp.
  • All stitched seams should be hidden or on the outside (i.e., exposed) because it’s part of the design aesthetic.
  • The design should be comfy and not put too much pressure on the ears since it will be worn for long periods of time.
  • It should be easily machine washable.

As you might expect, someone going through chemotherapy may have a lost a lot of hair.

It’s therefore important to pay close attention to the types of materials you use when making chemo hats for women.

You want to be extra careful not to make a cap out of materials that are scratchy or rough, for example.

Pinterest image for chemo caps for women featuring a women wearing a beanie and smiling.

All Of These Caps Are Perfect In Chemo Care Packages

If after making a chemo cap or two you decide you’d like pull together something more significant to gift or donate, these are the perfect item to include in a chemo care bag.

A chemo care bag can be as simple as a little gift bag with some goodies or a full-fledged tote with small iteams and larger handmade projects like a no-sew fleece blanket along with one of these chemo caps.

Without further ado, here are the chemo cap patterns.

4 Ways To Make Hats For Cancer Patients

Add a Chemo Port Pillow for Additional Support

If your fabric scrap pile is calling to you after you finish one of these chemo caps for women, a chemo port pillow (aka port softie) is the perfect additional support item for a chemotherapy patient.

Not familiar with a port pillow? It’s a small pillow that you attach to a seat belt or bag strap to prevent the material from irritating the port.

All you need are two pieces of fabric measuring 7″ x 4″, some hook and loop tape, and some polyfil.

You can also follow this detailed chemo port pillow tutorial.

Honor World Cancer Day and Donate Chemo Caps

If you don’t already have a specific organization that would like your donations, call around to your local cancer center to see what their needs are.

Clinics that focus on breast cancer patients will sure need some chemo caps for women.

Or, ask them what local nonprofits support them and if they need help.

After all, donating chemo caps is the perfect way to honor World Cancer Day on February 4, 2022.

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