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4 Free Valentine’s Day Printable Designs

4 Free Valentine’s Day Printable Designs

I created four free Valentine’s Day printable cards so you have something to use for the whole family. February, after all, is a time to show everyone some love!

OK, so how many times have you had all the best intentions, but the thought of pulling out all the materials to make a card from scratch stopped you in your tracks?

Not only was your crafty vibe next to nil, but the sass also seemed to have left the room?


So when inspiration strikes, I like to create free printable designs that you can do at home easily.

Extra Ideas For Valentine’s Day Card Sayings

Before we get to my designs, though, I wanted to share some additional ideas for sayings if you’re need additional options.

You could incorporate some of these fun Valentine’s Day jokes.

And, it wouldn’t be a hearty holiday without some Valentine’s Day puns, now would it?

A handmade card can be as simple as crafting something with a piece of construction paper and a marker. Just use one of the jokes or puns as the main focus of the Valentine, then sign it and you’re done!

Print These Punny Valentines


But if you’re looking for something that basically acts like an “easy” button, these free Valentine designs are just what you need.

All you have to do is print, cut, fold. Then, finish it off by writing little message on the inside. You can use the space for your declaration of your feelings. Or, just sign it “With love…” and your name.

Materials and Tools

To make these cards, you need the following:

8.5″ x 11″ white card stock

The card stock doesn’t have to be super thick, but you want something thicker than the average printer paper. Since the designs are all in color, they look best on white card stock. A light pastel might work as well for some of the designs.

If you plan on printing all four designs, you’ll need two pieces of paper because the file is set up to print two per page.

Rotary cutter or scissors

After you print the designs, the card stock needs to be cut in half to complete the cards.


Handmade cards look much better when they’re cut with clean lines.


As I mentioned before, the inside of the card is blank so go ahead and fill the space.

The Create To Donate Valentines printable


It’s Easy To Make These Valentine’s Day Cards

Handmade Cards + Stickers = A Perfect Match


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The zip file includes both an SVG and PNG file so you will be able to use them with a Silhouette or Cricut.

Share ideas for good deeds!