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40 Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts To Make Today

40 Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts To Make Today

Who isn’t in need of ideas for easy teacher appreciation gifts to make on a moment’s notice?

School has officially started throughout the United States so things are moving full steam ahead.

And I don’t know about you, but I am a big fan of giving gifts both big and small.

I even have a box of little gifts for days when an immediate token of my appreciation is necessary, but unplanned.

When it comes to teachers, I also like to present them with an unexpected gift from time to time so they know how much we truly appreciate what they do.

When Is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Easy teacher appreciation gifts can be presented to teachers of all ages.

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May.

Therefore, I don’t typically wait because it seems really late in the year for me. I like to start a little earlier.

There is also a National Teacher Appreciation Day, which falls on a specific day (go figure) within that week in May.

In 2023, National Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd.

I am always fascinated about the origins of nationally recognized events along with how long they’ve been around.

So in researching the specifics about Teacher Appreciation Week, I enjoyed this little tidbit about how it may have started:

Though the origins of Teacher Appreciation Week are somewhat murky, it’s clear that it was in 1944 that an Arkansas school teacher, Mattye White Woodridge, wrote to politicians and educational professionals about the demand for a day to appreciate teachers. However, it wasn’t for nearly a decade until the idea was introduced to Congress by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1953, she was successful in convincing lawmakers to adopt the day.

Source: National Today

Oh! And if you’re looking for more information and ideas for your school’s parent organization beyond DIY projects that I’ll talk about below, you can read through this PTO resource guide.

easy teacher appreciation gifts to make

Have Some Fun With These Easy Teacher Appreciation Gifts

So now let’s get back to exploring a variety of creative options for easy teacher appreciation gifts that you can present throughout the year.

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Share The Goods: How Will You Celebrate Teachers?

Teachers are typically in short supply as it is, but this year the shortage seems even more severe.

It is therefore really important to honor all of the teachers who are educating our children, now more than ever.

So, which of these gifts will you make to honor teachers in your community?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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