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6 Back-To-School Face Mask Patterns You Can Easily Make

6 Back-To-School Face Mask Patterns You Can Easily Make

Here are six back-to-school face mask patterns that are perfect for students, teachers, and administrators returning to in-person instruction.

Fall 2021 is another school year where the impact of Coronavirus will be part of people’s daily lives.

I therefore compiled a list of some fabric face mask patterns to give a variety of options depending on a person’s needs.

All of these face mask patterns are comfortable to wear for many hours at a time and they’re easy to wash and wear.

You can make these for family, friends (try fun matching masks!), teachers, and office administration.

It will be smart for people, once again, to have a handful of reusable masks on-hand. Plus, making these for teachers and administrators is a small but meaningful way to show your support.

All of these back to school face mask patterns are FREE.

Children at school with masks on their faces.

The Best Materials For Fabric Mask Ties

Fabric face masks don’t require too many materials, but some type of fastener or tie is a must-have.

To make it easy, I compiled a list of the 5 best materials for face mask ties so you can determine which is best for your needs. Plus, it’s likely that you already have some of these in your sewing stash.

Many people prefer elastic loops to fabric ties though. And I originally worked with the heavier elastic I had in my stash but didn’t like it.

So I went searching for an alternative. I purchased these elastic ties from Amazon which have held up well. In additional they’re easy to work and also soft on the ears.

6 Easy Patterns To Use For A Back To School Face Mask

After sewing masks for over a year now, I’ve learned a lot about people’s likes and dislikes. More importantly, I’ve learned that I never can tell which face mask pattern each person will prefer.

This face mask pattern compilation should give you enough options to suit just about anyone’s request.

Simple Fabric Face Mask Without Pleats Or Center Seam

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from people is their strong dislike for pleats. Some people even had choice words (not for little ears) for face mask designs with pleats.

These folks completely avoid mask designs with pleats because the very act of sewing the pleats is completely off-putting.

If you are one of these people then this pattern will be a good fit for your sewing habits and your face mask comfort.

3D Face Mask You Can Make In 10 Minutes

You really can make this 3D face mask in under 10 minutes!

One of my favorite things about this is that there is no “wrong side”. This means you can combine two fun fabrics and choose which one people see on any given day.

Recommended Products

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Face Mask With No Pleats and Center Seam

This face mask with no pleats (and a center seam)

Many people have (rightfully) asked, “Why the center seam?”

My answer: At the time I designed the pattern, it made for more straightforward no-pleat construction for beginning mask makers trying to make as many masks as quickly as they possibly could.

Pleated Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Donate face masks to local hospitals in need

The pleated face mask with a filter pocket one of the original masks that I started sewing back in March 2020.

It was a time when people were trying to provide as much protection as possible to frontline workers. The filter pocket, instead of a sewn-in filter, affords a lot of flexibility for the type of filter an individual prefers.

As for filter type – I’m still partial to the blue “shop” paper towels since they’re one of our household cleaning supply staples.

Face Mask with Attached Ties

Make a face mask that ties

Some of the clinical face masks have vertical ties attached to them. So when the call for masks first came out, I created a quick tutorial to make a mask fashioned after an established mask.

This face mask with attached ties is a nice option for someone who can’t stand things around their ears.

It’s also good for people who will be wearing the mask for long intervals because you can easily change the tension of the ties if one placement gets uncomfortable.

Here is the post that details how to make a fabric mask with attached ties.

No-sew Neck Gaiter Face Covering

Not everyone likes face masks with ties or with elastic because it feels too constricting.

Plus, the heat of summer is still with most of the US. This means breathing through the masks is more difficult and, well, sweaty.

I have heard from a lot of kids that fabric masks make them feel really uncomfortable after only a little while.

So, this no-sew neck gaiter is a quick and easy option for a back to school face covering kids. You can even make this a family craft by upcycling old tank tops.

Fabric Face Masks Are Easy To Make

All of the fabric face mask patterns mentioned in this post are easy to make. If you or someone you know, however, is still partial to the disposable masks but want a fun sewing project, this face mask wallet to hold some extras in someone’s bag or car.

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