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Which Charities Need The Most Help?

Even when someone knows how they’d like to help, it’s often hard to determine which charities have the biggest need. And when people get overwhelmed with questions, many just stop trying to figure it out, because who wants to boil the ocean?

Certainly not me.

Plus the fact, assessing who “needs” something more than someone else is never fun.

In fact, the majority of charities asking for handmade goods are all addressing important issues so why put a value judgement on one need over another?

What I will say, though, is that many of the larger nonprofits have the opportunity to be covered on a national stage which means more people know about them, what they want, and how to donate.

This makes them the “go to” charities getting the bulk of the handmade donations.

So my goal is to introduce you to a variety of smaller, local nonprofits in order to bring them more support.

Let's Create To Donate for Charities Needing Help

Crafting For Charity

To get this craft party started, Create To Donate has developed a streamlined process that involves featuring specific, smaller nonprofits nationwide along with their exact needs and tutorials detailing how to make things that can be donated.

These ideas will be posted on the blog as I continue to find organizations to feature.

Create To Donate Featured Charities

The charities featured, to date, are:

Cardz For Kids – uplifting spirits with handmade cards

Hope In A Suitcase – supporting foster children in Los Angeles

Preemies of the Carolinas – supplying inspirational hearts and blankets for NICU preemies.

Boston Health Care for The Homeless

Sister’s Network

National Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Resource Center

Navajo Nation

Send A Smile Today

Ready to make something right now and have something specific in mind?

Take a look through the opportunities listed on Knitting For Charity or Create The Good if something on Create To Donate didn’t strike your crafting fancy yet.

Do You Want To Be Featured?

If you are a smaller nonprofit with a specific need for handmade goods and want to be featured, please contact us.