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Craft For A Cause: Make Bows For Vegas Cute

Craft For A Cause: Make Bows For Vegas Cute

Calling all makers of pretty bows! Vegas Cute – of yes, you guessed it, Las Vegas, Nevada – needs your help.

I recently connected with Roxana, the founder of Vegas Cute, on Instagram where she asked me to spread the word.

So, I learned more about her organization so I could share it with you. And hopefully, in turn, if you love to make bows, you’ll be able to contribute to this worthy cause.

The Vegas Cute Back Story

Vegas Cute is a group of people who’ve come together to craft for a cause.

They focus on creating and collecting bows, headbands, beanies and caps to donate to the children’s hospitals in Las Vegas, NV. Collections are delivered during the second week of the month.

I asked Roxana to tell me more about why she started the group and why she’s looking for help. This is what she shared:

The reason I started this is because last year I met a mom whose daughter had open heart surgery. She would spend all day and night in the hospital with little sleep and stressed. The first days after the operation all the little girl could wear was a diaper, so when I gave her the bows, the mom put that on her daughter, combed her hair, and cared for her in a different way. It was just like any mom that gets her baby girl ready for school, ready for a play, ready to go out! The girl loved it too. It made her feel pretty.

Why Does Vegas Cute Need Donations?

Roxana’s first batch for UMC Children’s Hospital received such positive feedback she’s been doing it ever since.

For three months it was just Roxana, making and delivering the donations.

The group has expanded to include online outreach because the demand is high and Roxana and her friends aren’t able to make enough to accommodate the need.

They want to be able to donate to additional locations like: Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, and the St Jude’s Ranch .

What Types Of Bows Should I Make To Donate?

The patients are all different, so diversity is key. Roxana lets the child pick the bow from a pretty little treasure box she made, so having a variety means the children really get to enjoy the experience of selecting a favorite even more.

If you want some inspiration, stop by the Vegas Cute Instagram page.

Roxana welcomes any sized donations so feel free to send several or bunches.

UPDATE: Roxana has already had a wonderful response to this post and asked that I share the mailing address to make it easier for everyone:

Vegas Cute, c/o Roxana Sanchez,

1001 E. Sunset Rd unit 93281

Las Vegas, NV 89199

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact her via email.

How Can I Participate If I Am In Las Vegas?

Well, thank you for asking! Vegas Cute is holding their first community crafting event on May 23rd, 2019 from 7 – 9 P.M. at the Michael’s on Stephanie St. in Henderson, NV.

Roxana will be teaching people how to make loopy puff ribbons. The instruction is free, you just have to bring your own supplies or purchase supplies at the.

Creating To Donate = Doing “Goods” Work

As always, thank you for your interest and support in creating beautiful handmade items to donate to groups and organizations in need.

If you know of an organization or nonprofit that I should feature on the site, please let me know via the contact form. All features are FREE.

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