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Crochet For A Cause: Evan’s Box Needs Tiny Hats

Evan’s Box would love for you to crochet for a cause by making tiny hats and wraps to donate to local hospitals in need.

I have already featured organizations that support NICU families like Preemies of the Carolinas.

Create To Donate also offers the DIY tutorials for items you can make for NICU babies and parents.

Some of these projects include:

What I haven’t yet featured, though, is an organization that supports those who have lost a baby.

And pregnancy loss awareness and support are essential, which is where Evan’s Box fits that need.

What Is Evan’s Box?

Evan’s Box is a box filled with handmade items that can be given to parents families whose babies are born without a heartbeat between 12 and 22 weeks.

These boxes are typically donated to hospitals, but may also be donated to funeral homes.

These handmade donations might include:

  • crocheted hats
  • crocheted wraps
  • sewn wraps
  • small handmade stuffed animal keepsakes.

Because creating items for a micro baby is very specific, Evan’s Box offers detailed crochet patterns.

How Do I Contribute To An Evan’s Box?

Image Credit: Evan’s Box

If you would like to contribute to an Evan’s Box, take a look at the current Evan’s Box locations to see if there is one near you.

At the time of this writing, however, there were major cities in large states that still didn’t have even one hospital listed. Hospitals in places like Denver, Detroit, Chicago, and San Diego don’t have a box yet.

So, this would be a great opportunity for a community group or volunteer organization to step in and start a box.

How Do I Start An Evan’s Box?

Starting an Evan’s Box does require some legwork.

Fortunately, the organization provides detailed information here.

Some of the key points are:

  1. Calling or visiting your local hospital and determining who the best point of contact would be for the Evan’s Box. Some hospitals have a grief/bereavement counselor as part of their Labor and Delivery Department, so that’s a good place to start.
  2. Finding or purchasing a box with an air-tight lid where the items can be stored.
  3. Making enough items to fill the box for its first delivery. The most important items, at this time, are hats but the team at Evan’s Box asks that you also provide wraps and blankets in your box.
  4. Requesting a decal and providing the Evan’s Box organization with contact information for your local hospital.
  5. Delivering your box to the hospital.

Crochet A Tiny Hat With Heart

When you crochet tiny hats for Evan’s Box, it is a heartfelt gesture that will support parents who have experienced pregnancy loss.

These hats work up very quickly, so how many hats will you commit to making and donating?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

Additional Ways To Crochet For A Cause

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