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Crochet Hats For Preemies Using One Of These Free Patterns

Crochet Hats For Preemies Using One Of These Free Patterns

If you want to crochet hats for preemies, one of these six patterns is sure to peak your interest (and satisfy your pocketbook because they’re all free!).

So here’s the thing – while I LOVE to make all kinds of things using a variety of materials, my knitting skills are basic and my crochet skills are nonexistent.

My maternal grandmother taught me how to knit (and perl!) when I was seven, but it was a summer fling.

I didn’t take up knitting again for a couple of decades and I stuck to scarves and very basic hats where I didn’t use a pattern.

This is why Create to Donate hasn’t featured a lot of tutorials so far on how to knit or crochet items to donate. I don’t have the knowledge, or more importantly, the inclination to figure it out.

But that’s about to change!

I recently connected with a wonderful group of bloggers who have allowed me to share their fiber arts patterns with you.

So while this first post features crochet patterns, I will be sharing other crochet for charity ideas along with knitting for charity in the coming months too.

Donate A Handful Of Hats To Nonprofits Supporting Preemies

But before you dive into the list of free crochet hat patterns, I want to share a couple of nonprofits that would love to benefit from your craftiness.

Preemies of the Carolinas

Preemies of the Carolinas is a nonprofit that actively supports children of both North and South Carolina, who will have any type of stay in the Children’s hospital.

When you’ve finished your hats to donate, send them here:

Preemies of the Carolinas
2764 Pleasant Road, #10803
Fort Mill, SC 29708

Project NICU

Donate handmade crafts to Project NICU

Project NICU (originally called Project Preemie) offers, “connection, support and community to all involved in the NICU Journey.

From NICU Care Packages, Peer Support, Graduate Programming, events and more we are here for every step of the journey.”

If you crochet hats for preemies, you would be able to contribute to their Project NICU care packages.

The Preemie Project

For anyone who typically donated to The Preemie Project, but hasn’t for a while?

Unfortunately, they are no longer accepting donations.

Recommended Products

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6 Stylish Crochet Hat Patterns for Preemies

How Will You Crochet Hats For Preemies?

When you crochet hats for preemies, you’re not only taking time for yourself to express your creativity, but also giving back to your community.

So which of the beautiful patterns are you going to try first?

And if you know of any additional organizations that need handmade hats for NICU patients or preemies, please drop the URL in the comments below so I can feature them here on Create to Donate.

Share ideas for good deeds!


Thursday 14th of July 2022

Thanks so much for including my little beanies! Preemie beanies are just the sweetest little things, and spread so much comfort and joy. When The Preemie Project stopped taking donations, I wasn't really sure where else to look - my own local baby hospitals do not accept donations, so I'm glad to see a couple other options - I will check them out.


Friday 15th of July 2022

Alexandra - Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful patterns. I am so happy to hear that you now have some additional options for donations. When you make some hats to donate, if you post them and tag #createtodonate, I will repost and share. Cheers!

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