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Destash Challenge Day 1: Orange Evil Eye Bracelet

Completing the orange evil eye bracelet below means day 1 of my destash challenge was a success!

I will say, though, that it’s funny how an idea takes off but in the documenting of it, you leave yourself with less time for the doing of it.

Yesterday, I decided on a whim to start my own 30-day destash challenge and invited people to join me. I didn’t leave myself a lot of time to tackle a project on my list, though. Between thinking through the particulars so they were clear then writing it all down in the blog post I used up a chunk of my available time.

So I defaulted to a tried, true, and straightforward craft project: a colorful and textured stretchy bracelet.

Destash Challenge August 1st Orange Evil Eye Bracelet

Orange Evil Eye Bracelet Inspiration

I have had the funky, tiger’s eye-like orange beads for a while now. I wasn’t compelled to make anything with them, however, until I started thinking through how to make a subtle evil eye bracelet. I enjoyed adding the textured spacers to differentiate it from some of the other stretchy bead bracelets that are out there.

Thus the orange evil eye beaded bracelet was born. The bracelet took me a little longer than I anticipated because I played with the balance of spacers and beads before finding something I liked. It was still done in less than an hour, though, and the destash challenge had officially begun after completing this first project.

One Craft Project Leads To Another

Have you ever had one craft project lead to another? After completing this first orange evil eye bracelet, I was inspired to make some more. First on my list is a green evil eye bracelet. After that, I will make some earrings whose design I’ve had percolating in my head for a while now.

Sometimes you just need to take the time (not “make” the time) to complete just one single thing on your list. I know that I fall prey to thinking about all the things I have to do to prepare and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

So why not, instead, set your mind to completing one simple thing each day? You’ll be surprised to find how easy it is to sneak in some crafting time.

Share The Goods

What project have you been overthinking and how will you take the time to complete it?







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