Destash Challenge Day 2: Hemp Macrame Earrings

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I got all knotted up for my destash challenge and created some hemp macrame earrings.

It all started after watching the video from MyHempCraft about how to make a macrame hemp ring. The simplicity of it drew me in immediately. Not to mention, I could carry this ‘keep my hands busy anywhere’ project in my purse tucked in a little pocket. It added no weight or bulk to my day as a knitting or fabric project might.

I was hooked and started making rings of all colors and sizes.

Hemp macrame knot rings from Whimsical Walney

Once I’d conquered the basic ring, I moved on to using the same construction concept, but with other materials for less obvious purposes like jewelry.

This is how I came up with the idea to design a nifty paracord napkin ring.

Paracord napkin rings in different colors

I was still enamored with the hemp macrame rings, however, and wanted to know what else I could create with them. So I started twisting them around, then flattening them, and so on. I continued to do anything that might tweak the shape or size and produce something interesting.

And the flattened circles looked super funky and were just the right size for an earring. So they were the perfect project for my destash challenge day 2.


Destash hemp macrame earrings






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