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DIY Handmade Halloween Card Ideas

DIY Handmade Halloween Card Ideas

These handmade Halloween card ideas are for ghouls and goblins of all ages who want to make some fun cards as part of any Halloween festivities.

I must admit, in my family, I’m not the one who feels any real inspiration from Halloween.

One can safely assume that my house looks nothing like the above image.

My front door doesn’t have spiders and webs all over it.

My front yard does not have gravestones or buried body parts coming out the grass.

And I certainly don’t have any zombies powered by a hidden extension cords saying creepy things to anyone passing by.

The only Halloween stuff I may do in October is wear these DIY glow-in-the-dark perler bead earrings.

However, the mission of Create To Donate is to inspire makers to craft for a cause.

I therefore want to provide all kinds of tutorials for DIY paper cards, because it’s important to charities that want handmade cards.

Materials You Need For Handmade Halloween Cards

The materials you need to make handmade cards of any kinds are faily straightforward.

If you’re an experienced card maker, I imagine you likely have various kinds of materials in your stash.

If you’re new to handmade cards, though, there are some items I consider to be staples to support your creative process.

These are:

  • colorful construction paper or cardstock
  • colored pencils, crayons, and markers
  • black stamp pad and a box of individual letter stamps
  • googly eyes (these may not seem like a staple, but they are, trust me.)
  • clear tape and a small stash of washi tape
  • a rotary cutter and mat
Grab some paper and make a handmade Halloween card today!

Recommended Products

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Let’s Make Halloween Cards!

You are sure to find a new favorite or two in this list of handmade Halloween card ideas.

Here’s To Celebrating A Happy Halloween!

Whether or not you actively decorate or celebrate Halloween, making handmade Halloween cards is still a fun way to exercise your creatitivity.

If you want to make other types of cards while you’re at it, consider trying some of these:

And if you’re looking for additional types of handmade card tutorials, please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

I welcome your requests and suggestions!

Share ideas for good deeds!