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Donate Handmade Cards To A Bright Spot

Donate Handmade Cards To A Bright Spot

If you are looking for a place to donate handmade cards, A Bright Spot would love your support!

Handmade cards are a wonderful project to make and donate because they are accepted by organizations of all kinds.

In fact, this kind of project is one of the most popular projects on Create To Donate.

It’s fun and easy to donate handmade cards because it’s an all-ages activity.

Plus, you don’t have to use any costly materials unless you feel like it.

A handmade card may be as simple using a marker to decorate a piece of construction paper, or something more complex that requires special stamps and a machine like a Silhouette or Cricut.

It’s all up to you!


Get To Know A Bright Spot

I was excited to learn about A Bright Spot, because requests for handmade card donations continue to increase.

I therefore contacted the founder, Dee, to get all of the important details and we did an interview via email.

This is what I learned…

Create To Donate: Why did you decide to start A Bright Spot?

A Bright Spot: It always made me feel loved as a child when my grandmother would take the time to send me a note or card.

It reminded me someone cares, not just on my birthday but on the days I struggled, the rough days or just a day I was lonely.

Knowing someone was out there thinking of me made the difference.

It is the small gestures that make a big difference in life.

As I became an adult I would send random notes to people in the family on odd days, days I knew they needed a boost.

Then it branched to neighbors and friends, then their friends, and A Bright Spot was born.

Image Credit: A Bright Spot (Facebook)

Create To Donate: Who are the main recipients of your cards right now?

A Bright Spot: We have many different groups A Bright Spot reaches:

  • hospitalized children,
  • seniors,
  • military members stationed overseas, and
  • individual requests.
A Bright Spot needs you handmade card donations.
Image Credit: A Bright Spot (Facebook)

Create To Donate: What other types of organizations/groups do you hope to serve?

A Bright Spot: We love to bring a Bright Spot to anyone’s day.

One moment where they get something personal in their mailbox- cheering them on, sending support or just saying we care.

The foundation of A Bright Spot is children, as sometimes other programs forget they struggle too.

Getting a piece of mail with their name on it is very special to a child.

A Bright Spot Needs You To Donate Handmade Cards

Right now, A Bright Spot is regularly supporting these larger organizations:

Image Credit: A Bright Spot

They also support smaller groups and even individuals.

So, if you know of people who could use support, make a “bright spot request,” and nominate them on the organization’s webpage.

A Bright Spot’s volunteers are from across the country and they even have some support internationally!

It’s because of these volunteers that, in about 11 months, they have been able to send out 1400 cards.

Image Credit: A Bright Spot

How To Donate Handmade Cards To A Bright Spot

As you might expect, A Bright Spot wants to serve as many people as possible.

Therefore, they would love your help!

If you’re someone who likes to have a clear idea of what you need to donate, A Bright Spot has you covered.

On their volunteer page, they not only list the exact type of card they need, but also provide a deadline and sign up link (shown below).

Card Donation Guidelines

When donating cards to A Bright Spot they ask that you use the following guidelines:

  • Handmade and store-bought cards are welcome, but please do not donate anything with glitter.
  • Include a hand written message of support inside your card.
  • Use uplifting messages like:
    • Stay Strong
    • Be Brave
    • You Rock
    • Have a great day!
    • Be kind to yourself.
    • You are awesome.
  • If you are making cards for hospital patients, please do not use saying or phrases that refer to their health, condition, or outcome. Things like “Get Well” or “Our prayers are with you” will not be distributed by most hospitals.
  • Sign your cards by adding your first name and/or state.
  • Do not include any personal information like a direct way to contact you or your own mailing address.
  • Please add the URL somewhere on the card.
  • When packing your cards for delivery to A Bright Spot, if your card includes an envelope, please leave it unsealed.
  • You may add stickers to a card’s mailing envelope, but please make sure to leave room for the recipient’s address and a stamp.
Easy origami heart handmade card PIN

Where Do I Send My Handmade Cards?

Once you’ve finished making your batch of cards to donate, please send them to:

A Bright Spot
5912 Onondaga Rd
Bethesda, MD 20816

Tutorials For Handmade Cards

It’s always fun to try a new approach to card making.

So if you’re looking for some new handmade card designs, click on the graphic below for 12 great options.


And because you can never have enough handmade card ideas, here are some more:

How Many Handmade Cards Will You Donate?

Handmade cards are one of those activities that you can sneak into your day without it becoming a major production.

In fact, in a very short amount of time, you can make a handful of cards.

This is why I like A Bright Spot’s approach to card donations. When you work in sets of 10 it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

And, since their card donation sign-ups are related to a specific theme, it helps jump start your creativity.

So, how many sets of handmade cards will you donate to A Bright Spot?

Share ideas for good deeds!