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Donate Handmade Cards To Hearts That Give

Donate Handmade Cards To Hearts That Give

While handmade card donations are a year-round need, the requests increase as we ramp up to the holiday season.

To meet those needs, Hearts That Give, is not only hosting a fundraising event on November 11, 2022 to support their efforts, but also welcomes your handmade card donations to meet .

Here is more information about their event:

Who Is Hearts That Give?

Hearts That Give is a relatively new group dedicated to providing inspirational handmade cards to communities in need.

They not only welcome donations from across the United States, but also host events to support their goals and build their communities.

The mission of Hearts That Give is:

At ‘Hearts That Give’ we are dedicated to creating and distributing inspirational cards that inspire, console and encourage people’s spirit and well being.

“Hearts That Give” will seek to work with multiple organizations and institutions

Some of these entities will include hospitals, nursing homes, veterans, military, prisons, and other places where there is a need for inspiration and encouragement.

We firmly believe that giving is caring.

– Hearts That Give website
Donate handmade cards to Hearts That Give.

Give These Handmade Card Tutorials A Try

One of the best things about DIY card making is all the different materials and approaches we have available to us.

Origami heart card examples of sizes

And since homemade greeting cards are one of the most popular topics on Create To Donate, I have a whole bunch of posts dedicated to different style cards you can make.

It’s Easy To Help Hearts That Give

If you’re in the Brooklyn area, I hope that you’re able to join one of the events Hearts That Give holds.

If you’re not local, but would like to participate, they will be going live on Facebook so you can join them virtually.

You can learn more about how Hearts That Give intends to grow as an organization on their website and all of their events are listed here.

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