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Easy 10 Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Adore

Easy 10 Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Adore

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, many people are asking themselves, “What do you get the woman who has everything?”

But I think we should, instead, ask “What do you make the woman who has everything?”

Not all Mother’s Day gifts require weeks of planning.

In fact, many of the most memorable gifts we give take only a matter minutes and some heartfelt expression.

With that in mind, I have just the easy 10 minute DIY Mother’s Day gift outlined for you in this tutorial.

Mother's Day Jar Message In a Bottle

A DIY Mother’s Day Gift Message In a Bottle

Ok, so it’s really a recycled jar, but message in a bottle sounds cooler, you know?

Anyway, all you need for this sure-fire hit is the following:

Recycled glass jar.

Think peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, and the likes. Make sure you’ve cleaned it well since you will be placing the messages in the jar and sealing it with the top.

Colorful paper

You can use colored printed paper, origami paper, or even card stock. You want to cut into strips that are around 5″ H x 1″ W.

This size gives you enough room to write a message without worrying about spacing and looks nice in the jar.

A pen with plenty of ink in it.

It’s never fun to run out of ink when inspiration strikes!

A couple of strips of clear tape (not pictured).

Your child or children ready to contribute their thoughts on Mom.

Easy 10 minute DIY Mother's Day Gift

Write Little Love Letters To Mom

The idea is to fill the jar with as many things as you can that let Mom know why she is special to your family.

If you have younger children, it’s easier to have an adult write the longer things down, but even the little ones can draw a heart or write “I love you.”

Some sentence starters are:

– I love it when…

– It makes me feel special when…

– I appreciate it when you…

– Thank you for…

The messages can be as simple as, “I appreciate it when you do the laundry just so I can wear my special shirt to school,” or “Thank you for baking my favorite cookies last week.”

You get the gist.

The messages are meant to recognize and acknowledge the everyday things that Mom does that she may feel go unnoticed, but that you and the family do appreciate and may not have told her out loud.

DIY mother's day gift

Fill The Jar With Your Heartfelt Messages

After you’ve written as many messages as you can, fold them in half and place them in the jar.

Mix up the strips so that you can see all of the different colors of paper that you used.

Mother's Day Love Messages Jar

Finish The Jar With A Special Label

After you’ve stuffed the jar with all of your special messages, close the top then apply a label on the outside.

It can be a simple to and from, or something more specific to your family’s style and sense of humor.

diy mother's day gift labeled

Display Your Mother’s Day Masterpiece

On Mother’s Day, place the jar on the tray when you bring her breakfast in bed (if that’s your thing) or on the breakfast table as a centerpiece and a nice surprise for her when she sits down to eat.

Share The Goods

What kinds of gifts do you like to make for the special women in your life to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Share ideas for good deeds!