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Eight Incredible Nonprofits For Children That Make A Difference

Eight Incredible Nonprofits For Children That Make A Difference

These eight incredible nonprofits for children make a difference in someone’s life every day.

Most of the time, we hear about the really large, national nonprofits and charities that provide basic needs and services. The smaller, more localized nonprofits? Not so much.

I have already done several posts introducing “nonprofits you should know” like the one about foster care charities and nonprofits that support NICU families.

This post is all about some important nonprofits for children of all ages across the United States.

Children sitting and relaxing on the grass.

Children ARE Our Future

As you might expect, there are a variety of other nonprofits that work hard every day to improve children’s day-to-day experiences, and their futures.

And while I’m not always a fan of words that feel like mainstream marketing tactics, I am a big believer in a holistic “whole child” approach to supporting kids in the various stages of their development.

So I want to share some awesome nonprofits that are doing just that – meeting a child’s needs at the exact stage they need them.

Nonprofit For Kids That Strengthen Self-Confidence

First and foremost, building self confidence is essential to a child’s ability to grow into an happy and healthy adult.

The key to strong self confidence is a complex formula, though, isn’t it?

It is, among other things, how we feel as we walk within the world, how we present ourselves , and whether or not we feel supported in our goals and objectives.

Girls Like Me Project

Image of Girls Like Me Project homepage as part of nonprofits for children feature.

The mission of Girls Like Me Project is, “to help African-American girls ages 11-17 critically examine social, cultural, and political ideologies in media so that they will be able to overcome stigmas and negative stereotypes. We equip them with the tools and strategies to become influential, independent digital storytellers who transform their communities and foster global sisterhood.”

I connected with the incomparable La’Keisha Gray-Sewell many years ago to donate some handmade items to one of her events.

She cares deeply about her community and continues to do everything she can to ensure that young women of color in Chicago (and beyond) know just how special they are.

San Antonio Threads

Nonprofit for teens San Antonio Threads webpage.

San Antonio Threads provides, “NEW clothes and accessories for referred and at-risk teens in the San Antonio area. Teens who qualify choose complete outfits, new socks, underwear, bras, toiletries, shoes, and seasonal items, when available.”

This critical organization provides a FREE shopping experience in a safe and nurturing environment.

Their target age group is 12-21 years of age because they want to make sure to include teens in foster care, teens that have aged out of foster care, homeless teens, or other teens in need of support.

Having new clothes that not only fit your body, but also your styles are key to a child’s self esteem. So, San Antonio Threads is providing a really important service to their community.

One Simple Wish

Nonprofit for kids One Simple Wish homepage.

One Simple Wish believes that, “every child deserves love, hope and joy” because when a wish comes true, “kids not only have a chance to just be kids, but they can also make important connections, experience new things and find their passion!”

This organization works children who are part of the foster care system to grant specific wishes they may have.

Their wish-granting platform allows people from around the world to grant specific requests by donating as little or as much as they are able.

The wish categories include: arts & music, education & employment, health & wellness, just for fun, experiences, and essentials.

If granting a wish is something you want to do, One Simple Wish will allow you to pinpoint a wish that is especially meaningful to you as a donor.

Pinterest image for incredible nonprofits for children.

Nonprofits That Celebrate Childhood

Camp DayDreams

Camp DayDreams website homepage image.

Camp DayDreams is, “inspired by children learning, growing and playing at summer camps.”

This camp, which was founded in 2000, has celebrated over 2500 Rochester, NY-area youth by providing a unique opportunity to participate in a life enriching week-long traditional overnight summer camp.

Camp DayDreams is part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester, a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization.

Camp Putnam

Image of Camp Putnam homepage

Camp Putnam is located in rural New Braintree. On their website, they explain that Camp Putnam, “has been serving the children of central Massachusetts (and beyond) for over 70 years. The emphasis at Camp Putnam is providing a safe, healthy, residential summer camping experience that is affordable for all families, regardless of income.”

As a huge fan of of the outdoors, I believe that being in nature is beneficial to the heart and mind.

So, I love that they describe themselves as a, “camp in the truest sense of the word; a place where kids and staff interact with nature all day, every day.”

Interested in learning more? Here are some ways that you can help Camp Putnam.

Oh! I also want to send a big thank you to Jessie Katz Greenberg over at Jumprope for sharing this great organization with me.

Sunshine Camps

Image of Sunshine Camps Austin website homepage to showecase nonprofits for children.

Austin Sunshine Camps are free, fun-filled overnight summer camp programs free of charge for all greater Austin-area campers who meet the free or reduced school meals income eligibility guidelines or campers who are in foster care.

The mission of Sunshine Camps is to “engage and empower youth through education and outdoor experiences,” which they have been doing since 1928.

Spending time outdoors is beneficial to our physical and mental health in so many ways. And, since the three pillars of Sunshine Camps are building a community, increasing compassion, and being creative, when you combine the two, it’s a winning combination!

Nonprofits For Children That Celebrate Community

Project Giving Kids

Project Giving Kids nonprofit for children image.

Project Giving Kids seeks to, “connect youth to meaningful and age-appropriate service to help those in need while cultivating empathy and lifelong community leadership.”

As a huge fan of micro-volutneering, I especially love their “give back hour” where you and your children can dive into an hour-long project that meets a specific need for a specific organization.

Some of these projects include: creating children’s activity care bags, journaling for mental health and beomcing a penpal, and gratitude art for firefighters who protect our community.

I also like that each project is associated with a specific nonprofit so that families get to learn about the work each organization is doing while also creating an direct impact with the things they make.

It’s creating to donate at its finest!

Generation Serve

Image from Generation Serve webpage to showcase their site.

The mission at Generation Serve is to, “engage children in volunteerism and empower them to make a difference in their communities.”

Like Project Giving Kids, theirs is a mission I fully support.

When children develop a habit of volunteering, the experiences alter and enhance their perception of the world and their role in it. It also teaches them more empathy and compassion.

Generation Serve’s three key programs are family volunteering, service learning, and teen leadership.

Community Is Key To Helping Children

When it comes to helping and supporting children, community is key because it really does take a village.

What organizations in your community are making a difference in a child’s life?

Please leave a comment below and share your favorites because I am always looking for additional nonprofit to feature.

Share ideas for good deeds!