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Free Patterns: Face Masks, Scrub Caps, And Accessories

Personal protective equipment (PPE) became important in March 2020 and there continues to be a high demand for handmade donations to places like emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, healthcare offices, homeless shelters, and more.

This page also include some fun accessories that will help you store your disposable or fabric face masks as well as other items you might want to have available during the day.

The free Create To Donate face mask and scrub cap patterns are for personal use only and no commercial license is offered.

I created all of these PPE patterns and tutorials to provide people with options for their family and friends along with making donations to local organizations in need.

Free Face Mask Patterns

face mask no pleats

Follow the this detailed tutorial to make this face mask that includes a center seam and no pleats.

This mask has a channel/casing to insert elastic or t-shirt ties.


Make a face mask that ties

This fabric face mask doesn’t require a paper pattern.

Just follow the detailed tutorial on how to make a face mask that ties.


Face mask with filter pocket and pleats

This face mask with a filter pocket also doesn’t require a paper paper.

Follow this tutorial to make this fabric face mask.


face mask for beards pattern

You can easily make a face mask for beads using this tutorial.


face mask no pleats

This fabric face mask without pleats doesn’t have a center seam. This also showcases a different face construction method as well.

Learn how to make a face mask without pleats using this tutorial.


Free Scrub Cap Patterns

Make a scrub cap with this free pattern

The Create To Donate scrub cap pattern has enough room for people with long hair and needs only once piece of fabric.

Along with the free scrub cap pattern, there is a detailed tutorial on how to make an easy scrub cap as well.


Scrub cap header

This reversible scrub cap pattern is what many consider a “standard” style surgical cap.

This scrub hat pattern doesn’t accommodate long hair like the Create To Donate pattern, though.

There is a detailed tutorial on how to make a reversible scrub cap with a link to the pattern.


Free Face Mask Accessories Patterns

This envelope wallet for disposable face masks adds a little bit of whimsy to a difficult situation.

Follow the tutorial on how to make this unique face mask wallet and you’ll have fun gifts in no time.



This zipper pouch for face masks is a quick project that doesn’t need a paper pattern.

The exact measurements to fit a handful of disposable face masks are provided in the detailed zipper pouch tutorial.

Many people are using this zipper pouch to keep extra masks in their purses, cars, or first aid kits.