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Free Patterns: Port Pillows, Mastectomy Pillows, and Cancer Support Accessories

These free pillow patterns will help you make a variety of pillows that are some of the most requested items by cancer patients and cancer support organizations to use during chemotherapy and after a mastectomy.

This page lists all of the current patterns along with some creative touches you might add when you are sewing for a cause.

Free Pillow Patterns For Chemotherapy

Chemo Port Pillow with Hook-and-Loop Tape

Completed chemo port pillow.

There is no formal paper pattern for this chemo port pillow because it’s just two rectangles sewn together.

Tutorial: Make a chemo port pillow with hook-and-loop tape.

Chemo Port Pillow With Snaps Pattern and Tutorial

Free pillow pattern for a chemo port pillow that has the inspirational phrase STRONGER THAN CANCER and the tutorial also provides a free SVG.

There is no formal paper pattern for this chemo port pillow either. The design difference from the first pattern is that it uses webbing and plastic snaps to secure it to the seat belt or bag handle.

Adding an inspirational phrase is optional. The free SVG is below.

Tutorial: Sew a chemo port pillow secured by webbing and snaps.

Stronger Than Cancer SVG For Port Pillows

Free Pillow Patterns For Mastectomy Patients

Where chemo port pillows are typically a standard shape and size, mastectomy pillows are not. There are several shapes and sizes a people might use depending on their needs and preferences.

The patterns below should give you a good selection depending on your current need.

Heart-Shaped Mastectomy Pillow Pattern

Sew a mastectomy pillow for someone affected by breast cancer

The free pattern for this mastectomy pillow needs to be be pieced together to make the final pillow size. So, when you cut the pattern out, you’ll want to lay one piece over the other as instructed.

Tutorial: How to make a heart-shaped mastectomy pillow.

Simple Double Mastectomy Pillow Pattern

Unfilled double mastectomy pillow in pink made from the free pillow pattern offered by Create To Donate.

This double mastectomy pillow pattern is one complete piece that fits across the chest and under both arms. If you are making these to donate, I recommend making the forms and only filling and finishing them when you’re are ready to make a donation or gift it to someone.

Tutorial: How to make a simple double mastectomy pillow.

Easy Mastectomy Comfort Pillow Pattern


This mastectomy comfort pillow fits under one arm. The design allows for a pouch on the back that fits gel pack that can be heated or put in the freezer, depending on what the person needs to help manage the discomfort or pain.

Tutorial: How to make a mastectomy comfort pillow.

Cancer Support Accessories

Along with pillows, there are some helpful cancer support accessories.

Mastectomy Drain Bag Holder For The Shower

Finished waterproof mastectomy drain bag holders Create To Donate

After a mastectomy, drain bag care is top of mind for a patient. There are plenty of items available for day-to-day drain bag management, but limited resources for the shower.

This DIY drain bag holder is made from everyday materials and the tutorial offers both a sewn and no-sew option. You can even personalize these with inspirational sayings if you’d like.

Tutorial: How to make a mastectomy drain bag holder for the shower.

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