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Give Back Through Craft: Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Give Back Through Craft: Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Boston Health Care for the Homeless supports some of the most vulnerable community members any time of year – but their services become even more important during a crisis like COVID-19.

As they explain on their BHCHP website:

People experiencing homelessness are exceptionally vulnerable to the coronavirus and its complications. Living in crowded shelters, transmission of the illness can happen very quickly.

BHCHP is working in close collaboration with our shelter and hospital partners, the City, and the State to enact a swift, comprehensive and multi-faceted response.

If you’d like to learn more about their approach to providing treatment to the their community listen to this radio interview that talks about their medical tents (pictured below).

Image credit: Boston Health Care tor the Homeless

Make Face Masks And More

Like any organization providing healthcare services to people in need, the team at BHCHP is doing everything they can to keep their staff and clients healthy and safe.

Therefore, they too are in need of fabric face masks.

In addition to face masks, they could use donations of care kits that include things like: snacks, juice boxes, tissues, tooth brushes, tooth paste, socks, hats, coloring books, crayons, and decks of cards.

Even better, you could make a simple toiletry bag then fill it with some of the basic hygiene necessities before donating!

An Alternative To Sewing

If sewing isn’t for you, they also welcome handmade cards to uplift the spirits of patients and the front line staff.

Here are two tutorials to get you started:

  1. How to Make an Inspirational Card with a Dollar Store lei
  2. 4 Free Handmade Card Designs for Basketball Fans

Any Donation Makes A Difference

When considering whether or not to make something to donate to Boston Health Care for the Homeless, please remember that each donation matters. If you can only donate a handful of fabric face masks or a small box of toiletry items, it will make a difference to the community.

Where Do I Send Donations?

You may drop off donations or mail them.

For PPE-related items like fabric face masks, or any additional medically rated masks you may have, please send them to the attention of Courtney Bell/PPE Donations.

For all other items, please send them to the attention of Olivia Palmer/COVID-19 Patient Comfort and Needs.

The main address is:

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

780 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118

Share The Goods

If you are an organization in need of handmade items (not just face masks) please feel free to contact me and let me know more about your needs. There are a lot of people with home studios who want to contribute and are looking for a variety of ways to volunteer.

Share ideas for good deeds!