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Handmade Cards For Charity: Send A Smile Today

Handmade Cards For Charity: Send A Smile Today

If you love to craft with paper, Send A Smile Today is another charity in need of handmade card donations.

The backstory of how I learned about Send A Smile Today is as uplifting as the cards they send.

Since many of these smaller organizations live in the mindset that there is enough for everyone they often share ideas, resources, and, even, volunteers.

It is because of this principle that I was introduced to Send A Smile Today, in the comments section of Instagram, through the wonderful folks at Cardz For Kidz.

In honor of World Cancer Day, Cardz For Kidz offered to find cancer patients in need of cards as well as contribute some of their own materials to Send A Smile Today.

So I followed the breadcrumbs and took a peek at Send A Smile Today’s IG feed.

What Is Send A Smile Today?

Send A Smile Today is an nonprofit whose, “sole purpose is to provide hope, love, and support to those going through cancer treatment.”

They send uplifting cards starting from a person’s cancer diagnosis, through treatment, and survivorship.

Kim Whitehouse founded Send A Smile Today in 2014 after experiencing cancer firsthand. You can learn more about their whole team here.

Donate Handmade & Store-bought Cards

Both the crafty and non-crafty types can donate cards to Send A Smile Today because they accept handmade and store-bought cards.

You can find some handmade card inspiration on Pinterest by clicking on the photo below.

Send A Smile Today provides cancer patients uplifting handmade cards.

If you’re looking for a good source for cost effective store-bought cards, try Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree offers both a good selection of fun greeting cards with messages, and packages of cards that are decorated on the outside but blank on the inside.

The pre-decorated cards give any card maker an easy head start. All you need to do is add an positive or fun message.

Support Cancer Patients With Uplifting Cards

If you would like to support cancer patients with uplifting cards, donate to Send A Smile Today, today!

Before you start decorating cards, however, make sure to review their guidelines on how to get involved.

Once you’ve gathered a bunch of cards you can send them to:

Send a Smile Today has moved and has a new address.

Share The Goods

What types of materials are your favorites to use when making handmade cards? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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