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Honor World Cancer Day With Heartfelt Handmade Items

Honor World Cancer Day With Heartfelt Handmade Items

World Cancer Day is February 4th and the goal of the campaign is to promote discussion, education, and change.

This year they ask that we spread word about the event with the hashtag #iamandiwill. The intent of the above poster and the hashtag? To involve as many people as possible to commit to doing something to contribute.

The World Cancer Day organizers recognize that not everyone has the same amount of time to give, but that everyone can take action. So, they’ve provided a variety of options that you can find here. They even offer ideas for those who only have a “hot second”.

They also provide a whole host of materials you can use to share information about cancer’s impact like factsheets, infographics, and toolkits.


What will I be doing to honor World Cancer Day? As you may have guessed from the content on Create To Donate, I like to make things. And I believe that handmade gifts make a difference. For every person who receives a handmade item (no matter how small,) the recipient feels supported.

So I am taking action by continuing to create and donate handmade items to people and organizations in need.

I started my efforts this year by participating in the #beaniesforNat project and made mini yarn hats that I sent to Minnesota.  The week of February 4th, I will be making chemo port pillows.

Some additional handmade items you might make are:

  • Flannel pillowcases
  • No-sew fleece blankets
  • Crocheted blankets
  • Fleece scarves
  • Fleece beanies

How Else Can I Help Fight Cancer?

If you find yourself in that “only have a hot second” category at this time you can still do something to make a difference.

It’s as straightforward as asking a family member or friend battling cancer, “what can I do to help or support you?” Sometimes that simple offer is all someone needs.



Share ideas for good deeds!