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How Do You Craft For A Cause? {Call For Submissions}

How Do You Craft For A Cause? {Call For Submissions}

This post originally appeared on Being A Wordsmith as a guest post.

How do you craft for a cause? If you regularly use your creative skills to craft items for your favorite cause, I hope we can collaborate!

Since not everyone has the ability to donate cash to their favorite charities, but often have a crafty stash they can use instead, it’s time to tap into that stash to help nonprofits in need.

When I think about all of the creative people I know I remember aunties who love to knit blankets or crochet booties. I remember friends who relax by fashioning things out of wood, fabric, or beads. And I especially think of kids who love to put pen to paper and use up all the glue sticks and glitter just to finish their card design with a flourish.

I believe we each have something to give and that it’s even more meaningful when we are allowed to express ourselves creatively. And what better way to support organizations we love then by making things to donate?

How do you craft for a cause?

All Kinds Of Crafting For A Cause

So to support makers of all kinds, I have been building Create To Donate as a community of makers from all walks of life, and connecting them with deserving nonprofits in need. In addition to providing crafty inspiration, my goal is to help people rediscover great nonprofits in their area, and introduce them to additional, worthwhile charities that are sure to become new favorites.

If a nonprofit has a handmade item on their wish list, then I want to provide people with the tutorial to make it easily and the instructions on how to make a donation.

I cannot do this alone, however, because it would be hard for me to capture all of the variations on the same item. Not to mention, it’s always fun to see someone else’s take on a knit beanie, or a handmade card, or cute bow, right?

Make handmade cards for cancer patients

Submit Your DIY Tutorial URL

This is where you come in! I want to support other makers by linking to their tutorials in a variety of posts I have planned. So, I am hoping you will submit some of your best DIY tutorials for consideration.

The basic Create To Donate submission requirements are:

  1. A submission must include detailed instructions with accompanying photos or a video explaining how to make the item.
  2. A submission must be your own, original content and may not be a round-up post of other people’s tutorials.
  3. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis so it may be something you wrote years ago or something you are planning to write and will submit in the future.
  4. Submit as many times as you’d like. Features will be selected based on the site’s needs for that type of tutorial.
  5. A submission doesn’t guarantee inclusion on the site.

Don’t Consider Yourself Crafty?

If you’re someone who feels you don’t have a “crafty” side, I firmly believe you are capable of making something that another person will appreciate and enjoy.

So, Create To Donate features detailed projects for people at all levels using a variety of materials. For example, if you haven’t tried your hand at a handmade card (pun intended!), why not give it a go? Or you’ve always wanted to try making a “no sew” fleece blanket? Now’s the time.

I welcome you to use the post to document your project’s successes and hiccups so that people know what to expect.

How Will You Start Crafting For A Cause?

As Create To Donate continues to grow, I really hope everyone will see how they can be a “maker” of change. After all, it just takes one small action to have a ripple effect and I want to make waves.

So please join me by submitting your DIY tutorials to showcase all the ways our handmade items can provide comfort, relief, and support to nonprofits around the world.

Share ideas for good deeds!