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How To Make A Duct Tape Sticker

How To Make A Duct Tape Sticker

A duct tape sticker is a fun addition to a variety of projects.

I’m sure you’ve seem all the creative ways people have used duct tape over the years. Maybe you’ve even though about trying some yourself but they seemed a little daunting?

After all, duct tape is easy to purchase and budget-friendly (especially if you purchase it at big box stores like Walmart.)

So today I’m going to share how to make a duct tape sticker, because it’s the perfect beginner.

How to make a duct tape sticker pinterest image.

Materials You Need To Make A Duct Tape Sticker

To make your own duct tape sticker, you need the following materials:

  • duct tape
  • a piece of card stock or soft cardboard (a cereal box is perfect for this craft)
  • parchment paper (larger scraps work well)
  • permanent marker or pencil
  • scissors

4 Easy Steps To Make A Duct Tape Sticker

While making a sticker form duct tape requires only four simple steps, it’s important to note that duct tape isn’t really great for small scale stickers. It is just right, though, for something that is greater than an inch or two.

So follow the steps and you’ll have have a handful of custom stickers in no time.

STEP ONE: Make a template in the sticker shape you want.

Once you’ve decided on the shape for your sticker, you need to create a template out of a thick(ish) material.

This could be a piece of card stock, a cereal box, or even a piece of a shipping box you have lying around.

I’m partial to cereal boxes because the thickness is easy to cut and easy to trace. It also allows me to keep the templates over time to reuse when needed.

In fact, I’ve used cereal boxes for a lot of project templates. One of my most popular is the Santa-inspired Among Us applique.

Heart-shaped cardboard template for duct tape sticker.

For a custom duct tape sticker, I decided I wanted to have several different sizes of hearts ready for some of my DIY holidays gifts.

So I went straight to the recycling bin, grabbed a cereal box, and started cutting away.

STEP TWO: Place your cardboard template on the piece of parchment paper and trace around the template.

Trace the shape using the template on the parchment paper.

Once you’ve finished cutting out your template, cut a piece of parchment paper down to size. It should be just a little bit bigger than your template.

Grab your marker or pencil and trace your shape onto the parchment.

STEP THREE: Cover the opposite side of the parchment paper with duct tape.

Add strips of tape to back of traced paper.

Turn the parchment paper over so that the side with the tracing is face down.

Cut or rip pieces of tape to the size of the paper and cover the parchment paper with the duct tape.

STEP FOUR: Follow the traced lines to cut out your sticker shape.

Cut out the shapes using the traced lines for a duct tape sticker.

The materials are all prepared, so all that’s left is to grab your scissors and cut out your sticker using your traced lines.

And voilà! Your sticker is ready to go.

To use the custom duct tape sticker, simply peel it away from the parchment paper and apply it to your project.

Examples of duct tape tea wallets in pink and blue.

A DIY Duct Tape Sticker Is A Perfect Addition To These Projects

Once you start making duct tape stickers, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas of places I’ve used them to get you started.

Custom handmade stickers can be used for:

  • embellishing for handmade cards (e.g., instead of an origami heart, layer some duct tape hearts)
  • adding fun shapes to a duct tape wallet or duct tape bag
  • sprucing up holiday packaging – use a sticker as a decoration on a gift box or to add texture and color to a gift tag
  • sealing an envelope
  • decorating a water bottle

Another Great Duct Tape Craft Tutorial

While you’re cutting out stickers, why not also try making some wallets?

This DIY duct tape wallet video tutorial walks you through a simple way to make a wallet with printed and solid duct tape.

These are great gifts any time and perfect as a stocking stuffer.

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