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How To Make A Fleece Hat In Less Than 10 Minutes

Did you know that you can make a fleece hat in less than 10 minutes without a pattern?

Yep. Just take a quick read through this tutorial and you’ll be cranking out this simple fleece hat in the handfuls.

My previous “go to” handmade beanie was this easy DIY reversible fleece beanie. Along with it, I typically make some fleece neck gaiters to complete cozy winter acessories look.

But when I am making things to donate and I’m tight on time? That reversible fleece beanie, while stylish and cozy, is too time intensive and requires more materials.

So it was time for a simpler solution.

Simple Facts About Fleece Fabric

I believe fleece is one of the best choices when it comes to cold-weather accessories because fleece fabric:

  • doesn’t fray,
  • is stretchy,
  • comes in all kinds of solid colors along with patterns that run the gamut, and
  • is easy to purchase and often on sale making it cost effective. (Be sure to check out the remnants bin at JoAnn’s).

There really is a fleece option for almost everyone.

Plus, depending on the type and quality of the fleece, even as a single layer it can provide a lot of warmth.

Where Can I Donate Fleece Beanies?

So grabbing some fleece to make a hat in less than 10 minutes is an obvious choice.

And timing is everything because the cold has arrived. I am therefore making as many hats as I can with fleece I no longer need to donate to local schools.

If you are looking to donate fleece hats or beanies, local shelters (especially family shelters) are always in need of hats in all sizes.

This time of year, many school districts and individual schools also have collection efforts to support their students through the cold weather.

Another option is creating your own small bags (some call them blessing bags) to keep in your car and give to people you see regularly in your community who may need cold weather gear.

If you are able, consider including a clean pair of socks and some non-perishable snacks as well.

4 Simple Steps To Make A Fleece Beanie

Now, let’s get back to simple hat making.

I have never been a pom pom or fringe-on-top kind of gal. If it serves a purpose when I’m making a bunch of hats to donate, however, then anything goes.

And since fringe is used on the end of a scarf, why not do the same with the top of a hat and give it a pom pom adjacent look?

You will need a sewing machine for this project, but it’s straight-line sewing.

This easy fleece hat therefore makes a great beginner project for people of all ages.

How Do I Size A DIY Fleece Hat?

Before you start cutting your fabric, think about who will receive your fleece hat.

Then, determine the length of your fabric by finding the head circumference from chart below and adding half an inch of seam allowance.

How To Make A Simple Fleece Hat

Make an easy fleece hat in less than 10 minutes.

You can make this simple fleece hat in 10 minutes or less.


  • Half yard of fleece fabric


  • Rotary cutter & mat or scissors
  • Fabric clips


  1. Determine the hat size you want to make. Use the above chart for sizing and use the head circumference + 1/2" sewing allowance for the length of your rectangle. For the purpose of this tutorial, I am making a hat for a teen/woman.
  2. Cut a rectangle that is 21.5" L x 11" H. The length of the rectangle should be cut along the stretch of the fleece.
  3. Fold the rectangle in half with the wrong sides together and clip to prepare for sewing. Clip the wrong sides together.
  4. Use a 1/2" seam allowance and zigzag stitch to sew the fleece fabric together leaving a 2" unsewn gap at the top.
  5. Cut strips at the top of the hat that measure between ½ - 1" in length.
  6. Turn the fabric right sides out.
  7. Cut a 1" x 5" strip of fleece, with the longer edge along the stretch of the fabric) and pull the strip at each end to lengthen it.
  8. Gather all of the cut stripts together and use the small strip to tie off the top of the hat..


  • Add a couple of inches to the height of your hat if you want fold over the brim of your fleece hat.

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Fun With Fleece

After sewing a bunch of these simple fleece hats, if you’re looking to for something a little more challenging, try making this comfy DIY reversible fleece beanie.

Black and orange reversible fleece hat made with free pattern.

And, for more fun with fleece, in the coming weeks, I’m going to be offering a tutorial on easy DIY fleece gloves as well as some easy fingerless gloves. So stay tuned!

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