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How To Make A Mask Holder And Make #MaskLife Marvelous

How To Make A Mask Holder And Make #MaskLife Marvelous

If you are looking for a way to help your family and friends keep tabs on their fabric mask during the day, make a mask holder. These beaded beauties are also a fun family craft!

I was talking to someone recently who joked that ‘fabric masks are the new socks,’ because they seem to disappear.

Face masks are lost at home, lost in the car, lost on the sidewalk. And since face masks are required to enter most places these days, it’s important to keep one close at hand.

So when a young friend of mine told me about the “mask holders” she’s making, I realized there is a great solution to the ‘case of the lost mask’.

When I first saw the mask holders, I was reminded of the string of beads people use to keep their reading glasses easily in reach. Conceptually, a mask holder is the same thing. You just need a different fastener at the end.

Child wearing a mask holder attached to her mask.

Who Should Make and Use Mask Holders?

Using a mask holder may feel like just “one more thing” in the added list of necessities during the pandemic, but it’s not. When you make a mask holder it will let you easily manage wearing your mask.

It is especially useful when someone is out and about for an extended amount of time.

Since some kids are receiving in-person instruction, this is a great way for kids (and teachers!) not to have to keep track of their mask as much.

Make a mask holder and be marverlous

Make A Mask Holder With Colorful Beads

Make a mask holder for family and friends.

So, I asked mask holder maker extraordinaire, Gianna, to teach us all how to make mask holders. Read on to learn how easy these are to make from her detailed tutorial below!

Gianna’s Mask Holder Tutorial

Lately, I have been making mask holders for my family and friends.

I started making these so that if you are somewhere that has large outdoor areas and indoor areas, or on a walk, you can easily take your mask on and off without having to put it away in a purse or your pocket and then having to dig for it when you need it.

The mask holders I have been making consist of beads, string, crimp beads, jewelry clasps, and jump rings.

It is like a lanyard that holds your mask. Anyone who uses a mask that is over the age of 5 can use these.

For someone 5 or younger, do not use beads, instead use embroidery floss and make a braid with one or more colors, or ribbon, because the beads can be a choking hazard. They are great for jogging, walking, at outdoor areas, and many other areas and activities.

Materials For A Mask Holder


Mask holder stringing materials.

The first thing you will need is a string of some sort. I like using differently types of plastic cord.

You need 25 ½ inches for children and young adults. For adults, you need 28 ½ inches.

I found 100 yards of plastic lacing on sale for $0.97 at Michaels. I also found 16 ft of Magic Stretch at Joanns for $2.99.


Next you will need some beads (unless you are making this mask holder for someone ages 5 and under).

I used a one pound bag of mini pony beads from Michaels for $8.49. You can also use perler beads or any type of bead you already have.

Depending on the length of your string, you will need different amounts of beads.

Crimp cover or crimp beads (2 per mask holder)

You need crimp covers or crimp beads depending on the size of your string. These are used to keep the lobster clasp connected to the string.

I purchased a packet of 40 4/6. mm crimp covers at Joanns for $4.49 by the company hildie & jo.

I also purchased a packet of 120 2.3mm crimp beads for $3.49 also by hildie & jo.

You need two crimp beads per mask cover.

Lobster clasps and Jump Rings (2 per mask holder)

Next, you will need lobster clasps. I purchased a pack of 7 stainless steel lobster clasps at Joanns for $5.49 by the brand hildie & jo. I also purchased a 20 pack of lobster clasps at Michaels for $3.99 by Bead Landing. 

You will need to two clasps per mask holder.

Lastly, you will need jump rings to connect the lobster clasps to your strong. I purchased a pack of 165 5.6-8mm jump rings at Joanns by hildie & jo for $3.49. You will need 2 jump rings per mask holder.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Make Beaded A Mask Holder

Make a mask holder and you'll never lose your mask.

For this mask holder, I use plastic cord, beads, jump rings, lobster clasps, and crimp covers. The tools you need are needle nose pliers and or crimp cover closer and scissors.

Step 1: Measure out your string. I will be making an adult-sized mask holder, so I will be cutting mine 28 ½ inches.

Step 2: Use your needle nose pliers to gently open your jump ring and attach a lobster clasp. Then, close the jump ring so the lobster clasp cannot come off.

Step 3: String the lobster clasp and jump ring onto the cord. Fold the edge over and place into the opening on the crimp cover. Place the part with the crimp cover in the back of the needle nose pliers. Push until the crimp cover is completely closed on the sides.

Step 4: Add your beads.

You can do your favorite sports team colors, you can do your school colors for your kids, you can do your favorite color. If you like Harry Potter, you can do your house colors.

Or, you can just use random colors. Whatever you like.

For this mask holder, I am using red and black.

Step 5: After you add beads until there’s about 1.5 inches left at the end attach your lobster clasp and jump ring. Now you are done!

A completed mask holder in red and black beads.

I also wanted to show you what a I make as a mask holder for anyone ages 5 and under who wears a mask. I used jelly cord, but you can use ribbon, embroidery floss, or anything you like.

For a child’s mask holder, you need your jelly cord, lobster clasps, crimp covers, and jump rings. No beads will be added to this mask holder. The tools you will need are: scissors, needle nose pliers or a crimp cover closer.

Mask Holders Make Masking Up Easy!

Attaching a mask holder to your fabric face mask will certainly make #masklife that much easier. Plus, they’re easy to make and a considerate gift for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up.

I want to give a BIG thanks to my 5th grade friend for writing this wonderful tutorial to share with you. If you have a minute, please leave a comment below to let her know your favorite part of the tutorial or how you plan to design some of your mask holders.

She will really enjoy seeing how much her hard work helped others!

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