How To Make Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties

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All of the United States has said, “Goodbye snow, hello sun!”

This means no more letting your hair hang low in the hopes that it keeps your neck warm but instead, pulling it up and back to prevent overheating and unsightly hairs sticking to your sweaty face in an abstract pattern.

For a couple of years now, I’ve seen people sell colorful elastic hair ties (that can be worn as a bracelet until that clutch situation when you’re in need of a pony tail) all over the interwebs.  And I kept asking myself why people didn’t just make their own for a fraction of the cost?

It’s a simple four-step process after all!

How to make an elastic hair tie

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So, I decided to create this elastic hair tie tutorial to show you just how easy they are to make and then you’ll be sporting them like a pro.

I had originally planned to make a video tutorial but because it’s so easy to do, I decided not to make you stream something you could read just as easily. I will save using video for the hard stuff.

How To Make An Elastic Hair Tie

elastic hair tie materials

Elastic Hair Tie Materials

  • 5/8″ fold over elastic (aka FOE) in the color or colors of your choice
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • A lighter or set of matches
  • A human capable of tying a simple overhand knot

elastic hair tie process

Elastic Hair Tie 4-Step Process

  1. Cut an 10 inch length of your chosen elastic.
  2. Fold the elastic in half and matching the ends so they’re even.
  3. Use an overhand knot to finish and secure the folded elastic.
  4. Take your lighter or a match and lightly singe elastic ends to prevent fraying. Just wave the flame over the end very gently for about 3- 4 seconds. (Not pictured above.)

Voila! You’ve made your own elastic hair tie!

Sporting it like a “pro” is as simple as fashioning your favorite ponytail (high or low) and fastening it with your new hair tie.

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Where Can I Buy Elastic For Hair Ties?

There are a variety of online shops that offer fold over elastic (FOE) for hair ties. Stores like JoAnn Fabrics carries FOE elastic but it’s more expensive than if you were to order online (unless you are smart and work the coupons).

When you decide to make a purchase from one of the shops listed below, pay close attention to the cost per yard if you’re on a tight budget. What may seem like a good deal may actually be more expensive.

Fold Over Elastic can be found here:

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