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How To Make Fun DIY Face Mask Accessories

How To Make Fun DIY Face Mask Accessories

Here are five fun DIY face mask accessories that you can make in less than 30 minutes. In fact, several of them take less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

Since face masks are still a necessity for many people across the world, I wanted to share some ideas on how to make face mask accessories that add a little flair or make having multiple face masks more functional.

But first, some face mask basics…

How To Wear A Face Mask

I am always fascinated to see how people choose to wear their face masks. (And I hope we can all just say “NO!” to chin diapers.)

So my friendly reminder is this: a face mask should fit to cover a person’s nose, mouth, and chin.

One Of The Most Popular Face Mask Patterns

Pinterest Image 3D face mask pattern

People often ask me, “Which styles are considered the best fabric face mask patterns?”

And, if you’ve been a long-time reader, you’ll know my stock answer lately has been, “It depends.”

Because THE face mask that people wear for long periods of time to cover their nose, mouth, and chin is a deeply personal choice.

What I can tell you is that this free 3D face mask pattern video has been viewed over 35,000 times (combined across various social media sites) and can be made in 10 minutes. The feedback from family and friends has also been very positive.

If you prefer a face mask with fabric ties, this face pattern without pleats is a good one and here is some detailed information on the best materials for fabric face mask ties.

Five DIY Face Mask Accessories You Can Easily Make

Well, we’ve already discussed the many different styles of face masks, so it’s not a big jump to assume the are a variety of face mask accessories. And, there are!

Some of these accessories make it easier to wear a fabric face mask for longer than an hour or two while others just make day-to-day life with a fabric face mask easier.

#MaskLife Is Marvelous With This DIY Mask Holder (aka Lanyard)

I don’t know that anyone ever expected an eyeglass holder to have crossover appeal. And yet…

The mask holder (aka mask lanyard) is just that. It’s a face mask accessory you can make to attach to your mask and keep track of it when it’s not on your face.

These are great for people who need to wear them for minutes at a time or kids who need help keeping their masks close.

Making a mask lanyard is an activity for the whole family and the supplies are easy to purchase.

Full tutorial: How To Make A Mask Holder Lanyard

Use These Materials To Make A DIY Mask Lanyard

Here are some recommendations for products you could use to make these mask holders. (As an Amazon affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase a product using a link below.)

Make A Face Mask Pouch From Fabric Scraps

I always like to have at least one extra face mask with me at all times.

And last year at the onset of the pandemic, it quickly became obvious that just stuffing the fabric mask into my purse was kind of gross.

The mask’s sole intention is to keep the germs AWAY, yet a fabric face mask at the bottom of anyone’s bag could become a germ-infested mess even without the risk of COVID.

This pouch is a simple way to store an extra fabric mask in any purse or bag.

Full tutorial: How To Make A Fold Over Face Mask Pouch

Make A Special Place To Store Dirty Fabric Face Masks


Some people may wonder based on the last example (along with this current one) if I’m a germaphobe.

Really! I’m not. I’ll even pinky swear.

What I am, however, is realistic with a big serving of caution. I also like to be little cheeky.

So I designed this car holder for face masks. All you do is attach it to the bottom of a car headrest and have family members place their dirty masks into the holder.

The little bag is an easy visual cue to see which masks have already been used AND a reminder to wash the masks stuffed in it.

Full tutorial: How to make a mask holder for used, dirty masks for the car.

You’ll Have No Ear Aches With These Ear Savers For Masks

Making these ear savers for face masks is an easy project that helps people wear their face masks more comfortably.

To use these ears savers, place it on the back of your head and attach the elastic ties to the buttons.

You can construct ear savers for face masks can be made from a variety of materials. I find, however, that using ribbon and buttons is one of the easiest and fastest ways to craft them.

Tutorial: Make Ear Savers For Face Masks

Full tutorial: It’s Easy To Make Ear Savers For Face Masks In 10 Minutes

Store Extra Disposable Face Masks With This Envelope Wallet

While most of the DIY face mask accessories have catered to fabric face masks, this envelope wallet is all about disposable face masks.

I designed this envelope wallet pattern early on. and drew inspiration from how people had to fold the old air mail envelopes.

Full tutorial: Make an envelope wallet for disposable face masks.

DIY Face Mask Accessories Are Still In Style

Face mask accessories will continue to be in style for months to come so why not add a little bit of fun to face mask style!

Which accessory will you make first?

Share ideas for good deeds!