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How To Make T-shirt Yarn {Video Tutorial}

How To Make T-shirt Yarn {Video Tutorial}

You can easily make t-shirt yarn by following this quick video tutorial.

Cutting up t-shirts for various crafts has been around for a good, long while. Many makers, however, still didn’t know about creating a ball of “yarn” out of t-shirts because they never had a specific use for this type of supply.

T-shirt yarn can be used for knitting projects or making jewelry.

The most common use for t-shirt yarn right now, however, is as ties for a fabric face mask.

Any mask design that includes a channel/casing can use t-shirt ties to fasten the mask.

If you haven’t found a favorite mask style yet (or even if you have), check out the variety free face mask patterns I have that work with t-shirt ties.

What Type Of T-shirt Should I Use?

Your best results when making t-shirt yarn are by using a 100% cotton t-shirt that doesn’t have side seams. You basically want a big tube of fabric to use to create the yarn.

I have had success with brands like Gildan and Jerzees. You will likely have an easy time finding a Gildan t-shirts at a thrift store (or likely your own closet). Many screen printing companies use Gildan as one of their popular printing options.

The 100% cotton shirts (not the blends) are your best option because of the way they hold the ‘curl’ and don’t shed after that first cut. The shirt can be plain or have a screen printed design.

Make sure your shirt is a size medium, at a minimum, in order to get a decent ball of yarn.

The Simple Steps In Making T-shirt Yarn

Here is a video tutorial on the simple steps to follow to make a ball of yarn.

Using A Single T-shirt Strand For Mask Ties

If you are only using the t-shirt as ties fabric face masks, you don’t have to make yarn. If the t-shirt you’re using is big enough, cutting a straight line and then opening up one end will do just fine.

Make strands of t-shirt ties for masks by cutting a straight line.

The best length for fabric mask ties, it between 36″ – 40″ depending on who is wearing the mask. For people with bigger heads or wider faces, you will want to go with the longer end of the range.

Cotton jersey knit has stretch and give to it, which makes it ideal to mask ties. It is also soft on the cheeks and head.

The t-shirt ties will shrink after being washed and dried. To get the length back, all you need to do is pull it taut like you did the first time.

Go Crazy With Color

Since t-shirts come in a variety of colors, you can have a lot of fun with matching colors or funky contrasts to your fabric masks.

Use black or gray t-shirts if you want an easy standard to have on-hand all the time. I have been using a lot of black, and gray, along with some earth tones in browns and greens.

I plan to use the neon t-shirt yarn from the tutorial for some children’s masks. My whimsical side reminds me that children will love the loud color. The sneaky side of me knows that the neon will help a parent easily find their child.

Share The Goods

What is your method for making t-shirt yarn? And, what is your best source for inexpensive t-shirt options outside of your closet?

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