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Make A Custom Surgical Cap For A Healthcare Hero

Make A Custom Surgical Cap For A Healthcare Hero

If you want to make a custom surgical cap for a healthcare hero and need some guidance this tutorial will help!

We’ve celebrated the end of 2020, but COVID-19 is still having a dire impact on our communities and healthcare system.

Personal protection remains a top priority and many healthcare workers continue to need donations of face masks that cover their N95 masks and surgical caps.

I already wrote about three easy DIY scrub cap patterns and this tutorial builds on one of those free patterns.

Free scrub cap pattern and free svg PIN

DIY Custom Surgical Cap

In fact, I designed this custom cap as a thank you to all of the healthcare workers who continue to dedicate

The surgical cap pattern is free and so are the two heartbeat SVG designs – both of which can be downloaded below.

Materials & Tools To Make A Surgical Cap

For this surgical cap, you need:

100% cotton fabric

As with all of the other personal protective equipment patterns, you want to use 100% cotton fabric with a tight weave. Remember: It has to withstand high-heat wash and dry.

For this design, you’ll want a solid color fabric since you’re ironing design onto the fabric.

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV)

Pick a color that makes a nice combination with the solid fabric. You can find HTV on Amazon (*affiliate link) and I also like Milan Sign Supply for their pricing and selection.

Free, printable surgical cap pattern from Create To Donate

Free heartbeat SVG designs

Free healthcare hero SVG
Nurses have heart FREE SVG for custom surgical cap


Use the iron to press the HTV design onto the fabric.

Sewing clips

These are helpful when you’re sewing the band to the top part of the hat.

I have two sets of these sewing clips (*affiliate link) are use them ALL the time for a variety of project types so they’re well worth the purchase.

Video Tutorial: Make A Custom Scrub Cap With HTV

Print-Friendly Tutorial

Yield: 1 surgical cap

How To Make A Custom Surgical Cap

Make custom surgical cap tutorial

Make a custom surgical cap with a heartbeat design and gift it to a healthcare hero in your community.

This free printable surgical cap pattern design works for people with short hair or a ponytail.

The heartbeat design is offered as a free SVG and intended for personal use only.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Beginner



  • Sewing machine
  • Silhouette Cameo or Cricut
  • Rotary cutter & cutting mat
  • Weeding hook
  • Iron
  • Sewing clips


Gather & Prepare Materials

  1. Download the free Create To Donate scrub cap pattern.
  2. Cut out the pattern and assemble it according to the instructions.
  3. Download the free heartbeat SVG design of your choice.
  4. Upload the heartbeat design into your machine's design studio.
  5. Cut out the heartbeat SVG using your HTV.
  6. Weed the heat transfer vinyl and set aside.

Construct Surgical Cap

  1. Fold the fabric in half and place both pattern pieces on the fabric. Remember: The band piece should be cut on the fold and the straight edge should be placed 7" away from the side edge.
  2. Cut out both pieces for the scrub cap. Since you've folded the fabric, you will end up with an extra scrub cap top which you can save for another cap.
  3. Unfold the band piece.
  4. Center the heartbeat HTV on the band piece then iron it onto the fabric according to the manufacturer's recommended settings.
  5. Take the top piece of the cap and fold the straight edge over 1/4" then zigzag stitch to secure.
  6. Fold both pieces of tabric in half and use a sewing clip to mark the center points of both fabric pieces.
  7. Right sides together, line up the center of the top piece with the band piece and clip the two pieces together.
  8. Clip the two pieces using the center as a starting point.
  9. Use a 1/4" seam allowance to sew the top and band piece together.
  10. Wrong sides still facing out, take the bottom edge of the cap and make a 1" fold toward the inside and clip.
  11. Tuck the pointed edge at the end of the band piece into the fold to make a more finished edge and clip.
  12. Use a zigzag stitch to secure (and finish) the bottom edge.
  13. Use a zigzag stitch to finish the raw, angled edges of the band piece to prevent fraying.
  14. Turn right sides out and, you're done!


    • In order to conserve paper and make the pattern construction as simple as possible, the band piece is mostly used as a guide for the shape of the crown.
    • To use the pattern piece for the band, you must measure 7" from the edge of the fabric and place the top of the pattern piece at that 7" mark.
    • Finger press the seam open after sewing the top to the band piece to help with the shape and to check for any missed stitching.

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