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Make A Simple Carry Pouch For Your Face Mask

Make A Simple Carry Pouch For Your Face Mask

When you make a simple carry pouch for your face mask, it makes your day just a little bit easier.

Even though the bag I carry for errands keeps getting smaller, it still behaves like a black hole.

And now I have to constantly carry and find my fabric face mask. I don’t know about you, but even months in, I’m still completely used to keeping a mask close at hand.

So, I created an envelope wallet for disposable face masks so people could easily keep a stash of extra masks for times when they find themselves without. I also designed a virus protection kit to hold masks, wipes, and gloves easily accessible.

I still needed a little pouch to carry my fabric face mask, though.

My rationale? Using a face mask carry pouch will not only keep in contained and clean, but it will make it easier to find in my black hole of a small bag.

So I set out to design a carry pouch that is super fast to make using minimal materials and construction steps.

Simple carry pouch face mask PINME

Beginner Project: Sew A Face Mask Carry Pouch

This face mask carry pouch is a beginner, all-ages project. If you already have the materials on-hand it should take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

Materials And Tools

Materials for simple carry pouch for a face mask

The materials you need for this project are likely already in your stash.

You need:

One of 8.5″ x 15″ piece of canvas or denim fabric.

The canvas or denim adds a little stiffness to face mask carry pouch.

You can also do this in 100% cotton, but then I would recommend adding some interfacing or fusible fleece to add some weight to it.

The point of the pouch is to find and use it easily so you want it to have some heft.

29″ of double-fold bias tape.

The double-fold bias tape is used to enclose 3/4 of the edges of the pouch. This means you don’t have to fold over edges or have any additional seams to sew pieces together.

One plastic snap.

If you’ve visited before, you’ll know that I’ve become a fan of this plastic snap set.

If you’re new, I have been singing the praises of plastic snaps. I am finding I even prefer them to other closure options right now. I previously used hook-and-loop tape a lot, but if the item has to be washed and dried, it snags in the dryer.

So plastic snaps are the new “go to” choice.

Sewing clips.

I was never great at pinning. So, when I found these sewing clips years ago my sewing life changed tremendously. They are well worth the $10.

Sewing machine.

I include this in the list of tools because some of the projects are no-sew.

Please note: As an Amazon Affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase product using the above links.

Easy Face Mask Carry Pouch In 5 Steps

Step 1: Double fold bottom edge 1″ to enclose fabric and sew finish.

Fold edge of carry pouch to finish

The bottom edge of the fabric will become the top part of the inside pouch. It therefore needs to be finished so it won’t fray.

Take the bottom edge and fold it over 1″. Then, fold it 1″ again and clip to secure.

Sew to secure using the stitch of your choice. I used a straight stitch 1/4″ away from the bottom fold.

Step 2: Fold over bottom edge 4.5″ to form pouch pocket.

Fold bottom edge to form pouch

Take the bottom edge, fold it over 4.5″ toward the top edge , and clip to hold it in place.

This fold creates the pouch pocket.

Step 3: Place bias tape around raw edges and clip.

Place bias tape around carry pouch edges

Since the bias tape doesn’t go around the whole pouch, you want to fold over the edge on the end before sewing.

Start at one bottom edge (doesn’t matter which one) and place the bias tape around the three sides of the pouch. Clip as you go to keep the tape in place before sewing..

This is a great time to practice mitered corners!

Step 4: Sew bias tape to fabric.

Sew bias tape to carry pouch fabric

Stitch the bias tape the fabric to secure it.

I typically use a zigzag stitch, but a straight stitch will work too.

Step 5: Install the snap.

Fold in half to crease center of pouch

As I mentioned before, I have been making all kinds of things that are fabric mask-related.

And I have been so literal with measurements, I forgot to keep it simple!

Like folding the fabric in half lengthwise and finger pressing simple.

The crease marks the center point!

(Yes, please take a second or two to giggle at my expense.)

Install first part of snap

Now you can use the create to place the snaps.

For the bottom part of the snap, install it around 1.25″ from top edge of the inside of the pouch.

Fold top over and install second part of snap

The finish line is oh so close!

Take the top edge and fold it over 3″.

To place the second part of the snap easily, just press the fabric into the already installed snap.

It leaves the perfect indentation so you’ll know where to poke the hole, then place the snap.

Make Fabric Face Mask Carry Pouches For Everyone!

Put a mask in the pouch

This carry pouch for a face mask is so easy to make, I realized they are the perfect teacher appreciation gifts for the teachers and administrators who have returned to campus.

So I queued up the materials for a handful of them and cranked them all out at once.

I used a solid canvas and contrasting bias tape in the school’s colors. Then, I customized it with an HTV design that included the school mascot and the teacher’s name.

Share The Goods

How have you been carrying and keeping track of your fabric face masks?

Recommended Products For A DIY Face Mask Carry Pouch

As an Amazon Affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using the links below.

I regularly use each of these products for a variety of sewing projects.

PRO TIP: If you plan on making reversible scrub caps, having extra 1/2″ bias tape in a standard color will be very helpful.

Share ideas for good deeds!


Thursday 1st of October 2020

I love your idea ! I might try it out - I don't own a sewing machine but might try out with hand sewing. We host a blog link party from Monday thru till Thursday at - I hope you join us next week at Meraki Link Party. Naush


Friday 2nd of October 2020

Thank you for the kind words. Pouches for masks (disposable or fabric) have been super helpful in keeping things straight. If you do hand sew one, please share a picture! I will definitely drop by your link party. Thank you for letting me know. Kind regards, Dana

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