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Make Custom Stamped Business Cards From Recycled Cardboard

There are many different aspects to running a business, but having business cards that effectively represent your brand is one of the most important.

If I’m truly taking “reduce, reuse, recycle” to heart, then I am constantly looking for ways to minimize how my actions impact the environment.

I am therefore always looking for easy ways to integrate being eco-friendly into my day-to-day.

So when I came across an Instagram post from Inkredible Image showcasing custom stamped business cards made from recycled cardboard, I had to learn more about their process.

Goods Giving Back (GGB): What made you choose recycled cereal boxes?

Inkredible Image: At Inkredible Image we believe in doing everything within our power to be environmentally friendly.

When it came time to choose a business card, we wanted to be as eco-friendly as possible without creating a lot of extra waste.

There are numerous options from the business card companies such as, printing on recycled paper and using plant based inks; however, when taking the price into consideration, it just didn’t seem like a smart decision for our business.

We chose to make the cards ourselves using thin cardboard such as cereal boxes.

In doing so, we are re-using boxes that would otherwise be thrown out and saving our business money in the process.

Not only are the cards fun to make, but they also attract attention because they stand out compared to ordinary business cards. In our experience, every card creates a conversation. People simply love the idea!

GGB: What custom stamp service has been most successful for you?

Inkredible Ink: When you’re ready to order your stamp, we recommend

They offer an eco-friendly red rubber stamp that is affordable and made in-house at their Iowa facility.

They test each stamp before they are shipped, their turnaround is typically only 1 -2 days, and their customer service is A+. We highly recommend them.

custom business cards recycled cardboard

DIY Custom Business Cards From Recycled Cardboard

Rebecca from Inkredible Images kindly shared her process for making the recycled cardboard business cards in the step-by-step tutorial below.

The final size of the business card is 2 1/4 inches x 3 3/4 inches. The custom stamp used for these cards can be found here.

Materials needed:

  • Custom stamp with business logo and information
  • Ink Pad (not needed if you have a self-inking stamp)
  • Paper Trimmer (you can also use a rotary mat and cutter)
  • Cardboard boxes (cereal boxes, snack boxes, and any other thin cardboard)


Step 1 custom business cards

STEP 1: Open the bottom and top of the box so it can be laid flat.

Step 2 custom business cards

STEP 2: Using a paper trimmer or rotary cutter trim off the top and bottom tabs.

Step 3 custom business cards

STEP 3: Peel open the sides of the box and unfold it to its full length.

Step 4 custom business cards

STEP 4: Cut off the small ends of the unfolded of the box.

Step 5 recycled cardboard business cards

STEP 5: Using an already completed business card as a guide, trim the cardboard into strips that are the same width as your guide.

Step 6

STEP 6: Still using a completed business card as a guide, cut the strips into sections that are the same height as your guide.


STEP 7: Being careful that your stamp is as straight as possible, firmly stamp each card with your design.

Final step to making custom business cards

STEP 8: To prevent smudges, give them a few minutes to dry before stacking.

Completed cardboard business cards


You made your own business cards using recycled cardboard.

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Janice Wald

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Wow! Look at all these pictures! Your effort shows. Thanks for the visit to my site just now. You and I sound like-minded. I was a sociology major, so I like to test my theories. Janice

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Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek. And yes, testing theories is a lot of fun. I like to start collecting pieces of data even when I don't always know how I may use it in the future. - Dana

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