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Mask Donations Needed: Donate To These Shelters Right Now

Mask Donations Needed: Donate To These Shelters Right Now

Fabric face mask donations are needed across the United States.

Masks continue to be one the most requested in-kind donations items for non-profits because they are now an essential item.

So in keeping with Create To Donate’s mission of connecting people with projects that give back, I will be featuring organizations that are actively in need of mask donations to serve their clients.

If you are able to make fabric face masks to donate, here are some wonderful shelters serving their local communities that need your face mask donations.

Even a handful of masks will make a difference!

How To Prepare Face Mask Donations

But first, let’s cover some basics of fabric face mask donations, shall we?

Fabrics To Use

When making face masks to donate, it’s important to consider use 100% cotton fabrics that have been pre-washed in unscented soap.

As you look through your fabric stash, since you don’t know who will receive the mask, please focus on these kinds of prints:

– Solid colors, stripes, polka-dots, or simple patterns.

– Nature patterns or animal patterns

– Licensed character prints that are popular with kids and teenagers

Mask donations needed for these shelter

Fabrics To Avoid

Masks should not be made from scratchy, non-breathable, or waterproof fabrics.

Also, please do not to use fabrics with religious themes or logos, or political, commercial, or other potentially controversial symbols.

Each of these shelters serves a diverse community and the masks need to be appropriate for a broad audience.

Use One Of These Free Fabric Face Mask Patterns

If you’re looking for some easy face mask patterns to use, here are some options.

This face mask style has pleats and attached ties. Learn more by reading about the DIY face mask that ties.

face mask with ties tutorial

For those who don’t like sewing pleats, try making a fabric face mask pattern with no pleats & a center seam.

There is also a free pattern for a mask with no-pleats and no center seam.

No pleat fabric face mask with hearts

Include A Note Providing Details About Your Donation

Not only are hand written notes fun to receive, but it’s also helpful to provide some information about your donation.

Even if you feel some of the details are super obvious, please include a note anyway.

So whenever possible, please let the shelters know:

– The number of masks included in the donation

– The intended ages for the mask donations

– The type of fabric you used and washing instructions

– Tell them a little bit about yourself or your group so they know who is supporting them with this essential need.

Having face mask information documented in this way allows the main team member at each shelter to pass the masks off to someone else without having to explain what to do with them.

Shelters Provide Opportunities To People At Risk

Shelters have always provided options and resources to people at risk, and the need for these support systems only continue to grow with the impact of the pandemic on employment, income, and housing.

Now that face masks are an essential item, shelters want to be able to provide them along with toiletries, clothing, and food.

So here are four shelters that will welcome your mask donations.

Mask Donations Needed For Adults

Shelter House Iowa needs fabric mask donations

Shelter House Iowa currently operates an emergency shelter in addition to four homes and a housing-first complex.

They focus on, “programs and support services including housing, employment, and mental health recovery that help hundreds of men, women, and children each year to get back on their feet.

[They] keep children in school, help men and women get back to work, assist people with disabilities and elderly to access benefits and health care, and move individuals and families into their own homes. Simply put, [they] help people move beyond homelessness.”

What Specific Mask Donation Needs Does Shelter House Iowa Have?

Shelter House Iowa needs fabric face masks in a variety of sizes and will accept a mask donation of any amount in order to support the continued needs of their clients.

If you are local to Iowa City, they accept donation drop offs. They just ask that you please call their front desk at #319-351-0326 to set up a time to drop off the fabric face masks.

If you are not local to Iowa City, please send face mask donations to:

Shelter House Iowa

429 Southgate Ave

Iowa City, IA 52240

Mask Donations Needed For Families

Mask donations needed for Thomas House Shelter

Thomas House Family Shelter is located in Garden Grove, CA and was officially founded in 1986.

They provide a rent-free, transitional shelter with food, supplies, and a fall range of services sand program to homeless families with children.

Thomas House Family Shelter ensures that, “homeless and at-risk families have the potential for long-term sustainability by using the tools and resources provided by Thomas House to make vital decisions and take actions that will allow each family to move forward and have a bright future.” 

What Specific Mask Donation Needs Does Thomas House Family Shelter Have?

As a nonprofit that focuses on families, Thomas House Family Shelter has found that many of the masks they have aren’t a good fit for the children and young adults.

So they have an immediate need for at least 40 masks for kids between the ages of 4 – 18.

Ideally, they would like to receive between 80 – 100 fabric masks to provide reusable options to all the members of each family (children & adults) and the Thomas House staff.

Please note: Some families in the Thomas House Family Shelter community do have children 2 and under, but in California, kids under 2 are exempt from wearing masks.

Mask donations should be sent to:

Thomas House Family Shelter

ATTN: Laura Flores

12601 Morningside Ave #6

Garden Grove, CA 92843

Mask Donations Needed For Women & Children

Mask donations needed for Home Of A Sparrow in IL

Home of the Sparrow serves women and children in McHenry County in Illinois.

Their mission is to, “provide Hope, Opportunity and Support that empowers women and children as they journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency.”

Specifically, Home of the Sparrow, operates a transitional shelter, manages affordable housing units and subsidized apartments across Northern Illinois, and provides outreach and prevention programs for at-risk individuals.

What Specific Mask Donation Needs Does Home Of The Sparrow Have?

Home of the Sparrow needs face masks for the women and children they serve, as well as their team members.

They did not request a specific number and welcome any face mask donation you can make at any time.

Please send face mask donations to:

Home of the Sparrow, Inc

4209 W. Shamrock Ln. Unit B

McHenry, IL 60050

Mask Donations Needed For Youth

Donate fabric masks to Casa Youth Shelter

The story of the Casa Youth Shelter is a really inspiring one. It was founded in 1978 by Myldred E. Jones who was 69 at the time!

Now, over 40 years later, Casa Youth Shelter continues to serve and nurture, “youth in crisis with shelter, counseling, and support services, empowering them to come through their crisis with increased confidence, stability, and tools for continued growth.”

The team at Casa Youth Shelter provides a safe haven for youth in need 24/7.

Not only do they provide essential needs to at-risk youth, they also foster an inclusive environment that focuses on kindness and compassion.

What Specific Mask Donation Needs Does Casa Youth Shelter Have?

Casa Youth Shelter serves youth aged 12 – 17 so they are in need of masks that are sized for teenagers and adults.

As a youth shelter, their clients would benefit from both fabric face masks and a neck gaiter face covering.

Like many of the other shelters, Casa Youth Shelter will always have a need for fabric face masks. They are therefore accepting a mask donation of any amount.

Please send the masks to:

Casa Youth Shelter
10911 Reagan Street
P.O. Box 216
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Donate A Mask, Make A Difference

Donate masks make a difference

When the call for masks first came out back in March, people were posting on social media about the hours of sewing and yards of fabric they used to make and donate masks.

Not everyone, however, is able to commit that level of time or resources to mask making. Plus, a level of fatigue sets in after an extended period of time in front of the sewing machine.

The thing about mask donations, though, is that every mask really does make a difference! When one person wears a mask they are not only protecting themselves, they are also protecting others.

So I use the above quote by Mother Teresa as my own reminder that a small donation made with great love will always have an impact.

I hope it inspires you as well and thank you for considering these shelters for your donations.

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