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Must Haves In A Chemo Care Package For Her

Must Haves In A Chemo Care Package For Her

A “chemo care package for her” is a carefully crafted care package for a special woman who is going through chemotherapy.

It’s October after all, which means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And while I’m not fond of the marketing machine around any form of cancer, I recognize that raising awarness is key.

Every day, more than 700 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer

(Source: National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.)

So, I participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year with at least one dedicated post.

Handmade Chemo Care Items Are Helpful All Year

My main focus, however, is providing relevant information all throughout the year.

Because the day a woman receives her diagnosis and treatment plan is one of the most difficult of her life.

Create a chemo care package for her from items that will support her during her breast cancer treatment.

So when that happens and people head to the interwebs to find how to make things that help breast cancer patients?

I want Create To Donate to be THE place where makers will always find detailed tutorials and free patterns that meet their needs.

Include These Must Have Items In A Cancer Care Package

Making cancer support items from scratch, however, is not always an option.

So I have pulled together a carefully curated (and fairly extensive) list of must-have items you should include in a care package for women going through cancer treatments.

Pinterest image for must have items in a chemo care package for her.


Going through chermotherpy can make the simplest of things uncomfortable.

These handmade items enchance a person's comfort and will be extra special because you made them.


Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on a person's skin.

This which means having a nourishing lotion body and something on hand to soothe dry, cracked lips is important as a woman is going through her treatment.

It also impacts the inside of a person's mouth, so soothing sprays are also appreciated.


Temperature regulation is tough when a woman is going through chemotherapy.

Also, a lot of people have a permanent chemo port that is used during their treatment.

This means, it's helpful to have clothing options that accommodate the port.


Hydration is important in every day life and even more important when a woman is going through chemotherapy.


The mind body connection is a very important one.

So, including items that allow a person to focus on something other than their treatment is a key part of a chemo care package for her.

Care Packages Are Always A Special Gift

For a person battling cancer, a chemo care package of any size if always appreciated – even if you’re only able to print coloring pages and accompany them with a positive note.

So, who will you honor this month with a chemo care package for her?

Share ideas for good deeds!