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Philanthropy Friday Link Up {May 27}

Instagram is filled with feeds showcasing beautifully shot pictures with moving quotes, or stark backgrounds with motivational mantras meant to help us through our days.

And the object-oriented developer in me starts abstracting the sentiments expressed in these quotes because so many of them are a variations on theme.

The abstract ‘class’ of quotes most relevant to today’s post?

It takes only one.

One smile. One kind word. One random act of kindness. A single action causes a ripple effect of additional actions, all of which can change the world around us.

In my case, the “one” was Janeen Matacchiera who decided to jump in and add her link to the Philanthropy Friday, May 20 link-up.

Her post “3 Ways to Empower & Engage Employees” is highly relevant to the growing Goods Giving Back community. She touches on the fact that while the “for profit” and “non-profit” sectors may be different in many ways, an employee’s needs are are not. Everyone needs to feel empowered to do their best work.

Janeen’s article suggests easy-to-implement ideas on how to empower and engage employees, so please stop by and read her insights. Oh, and be sure to tell her Dana sent you!

So my goal for this week’s link-up is to have three people add their links. Will you please help spread the word and see if I can meet (or beat) this goal?

After all, I think Janeen’s single action will be a trendsetter. Don’t you?

Philanthropy Friday May 27

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