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How To Make A Sassy Gift For A Wine Aficionado

This DIY sassy wine gift is the perfect tote to use after you’ve selected a bottle of wine based on your host’s interests. The project takes about an hour to complete but will have the recipient laughing for days.

While I may know very little about wine, I have an honorary PhD in sassiness. And the only reason it’s honorary is because it’s not a legit degree.

When you add that to the fact that I live in California, where reusable bags are expected, it leaves a lot of opportunity for DIY bags. So when I saw a double bottle canvas wine tote, ideas on how to make a fun, sassy wine gift bag started spilling out of my head (yes, I went there).

How To Make A Sassy Wine Gift

DIY sassy wine gift materials

The materials needed for this double bottle wine tote are very straightforward, but also leave room for variety. Here are the materials I used:

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Step 1: Make a “Mine” and “Yours” wine bottle stencil

Before you fire up the Silhouette design software and your Silhouette Cameo, it is important to measure your canvas tote and decide the best size and placement for your stencil.

For my double bottle wine tote, I created stencils that measure 1.77 inches wide by 7.20 inches high. I didn’t take any photos to share related to this part of the tutorial because you really only need the documented steps.

So, here is the sequence I used to make the sassy wine gift stencil.

  1. Import the wine bottle SVG into the Silhouette Cameo design software.
  2. Trace and detach the wine bottle so that you just have the outline.
  3. Manipulate the wine bottle outline so that it’s the correct dimensions for the right placement on your tote.
  4. Copy the wine bottle outline then paste the new bottle next to the first one.
  5. Create and place the “mine” and “yours” text. I used Britannica Bold because it I knew it would be easy for people to read as well as easy to paint.

Step 2: Cut out the stencil

I realize this is an obvious step, but I wanted to include it nonetheless because people often have questions about the freezer paper.

When using freezer paper for stenciling, I choose to use it by placing the waxy size face down on the cutting mat. I find that it sticks to the mat nicely and it means I don’t have to remember to mirror the image before cutting it out.

Step 3: Place and paint the stencil

If you haven’t used freezer paper before, placing the stencil is as easy as using your everyday iron to attach it to the canvas. You’ll want to press down firmly on the freezer paper to ensure that it affixes tightly to the canvas. The ironing should take just a couple of minutes for each bottle.

Painting sassy wine gift stencil

After the stencil is attached to tote, paint the outline of the wine bottles then, fill in the letters. The canvas will need at least a couple of coats and possibly more depending on the color you choose.

Step 4: Let the paint dry

Letting the paint dry is yet another obvious statement, but since it also involves a freezer paper this is another part that falls under into the personal preference category.

Some people like to leave the paper on until the piece has dried completely. Others, are a little impatient and want to see how it all came out ASAP.

Depending on the project, I can fall into either camp. For this sassy wine gift? I immediately removed the wine bottles.

And voilà!

Finished sassy wine gift

Sassy Wine Gifts Galore

The beauty of creating a sassy wine gift using a double bottle wine tote is that there are endless possibilities that can be easily tailored to the recipient’s sense of humor. Draw from funny word pairs, famous couples, famous cartoon characters, or even silly jokes you share.


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