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How To Select The Best Fun Wine Based On Your Host’s Interests

We’ve all seen the ads and posts promoting the “best fine wines,” but what about the best fun wines? What’s a “fun wine” you ask? It’s simply a bottle of wine where the label is fun and whimsical and hopefully gives you a chuckle or even a guffaw.

After all, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover so I think the same goes for wine. Another great thing about fun wines? Many of their price points are a lot more manageable than the fine wines.

Now, if this were a post about fine wine, we would be discussing the flavors and subtle undertones, the aroma and (Dionysus forbid), bottle shock.

But it’s not.

It’s all about making wine gifting fun because even the savviest of gift givers can get stumped when staring at a wall of wines. So today we’re going to let our sense of humor lead the way and introduce you to wines based on a host’s interests. Instead of words, we’re going to let the label do all the talking.

And since I don’t know spit about fine or fun wines, I got in touch with wine blogger Cindy Rynning from Grape Experiences and asked that she lead the way. Her thoughts on fun wine gifting based on your host’s interests are below.

Let Grape Experiences Lead The Way

Are you still wondering what to give your favorite wine lover? Most likely they have enough sassy cocktail napkins, overpriced aerators, kitschy wine stoppers, and holiday themed charms. And that same bottle of ho-hum wine you always give? They’re grateful, but they’ve had enough.

This year, Santa, it’s time to pack a new bag with wines that fit each lucky recipient’s interests or personality.  You’re guaranteed to be the jolliest of the season because you’re putting a gift under the tree that will not only tickle the palate but the funny bone too!

Following are fourteen fun wines that are a perfect fit to a range of personalities and interests. Although no tasting notes are included (I haven’t tried all of the selections), each is reasonably priced.

Cheers to the holidays!

– Cindy

Which Fun Wine Should You Give The Host Who Is…?

A Moviegoer


A Card Shark

Fun wine reccomendation for a card shark

A Boater


A Bicyclist


A Fashionista


A Football Fan


A Gardener


An Artist


A Book Lover


A Beach Lover


A Teacher


An Equestrian


A Fisherman


A Handyman


I think it’s only appropriate to conclude our tour of fun wines with a gentleman with a plunger on his head. Don’t you?

Happy wine gifting!

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