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Sew For A Cause: Preemies of The Carolinas

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If you want to break out your sewing machine and do something heartfelt, why not sew some inspirational fabric hearts for Preemies of the Carolinas?


And I’m at peace with that fact that the first sentence of this post is as corny as it sounded.

Because when I think of how difficult it must be for the families of preemies in the NICU, I get a little choked up. No matter how resilient children are – babies especially – it doesn’t erase the worry and concern that families must feel. It doesn’t change how families count the days until they can bring their new little person home with them. And what better joy is there than experiencing those first days with your newborn who is now a part of the outside world?

If those first days are spent in a NICU? It’s not the joyful experience parents were expecting.

So when I learned about the inspirational hearts project for Preemies of the Carolinas, they had me at ‘sewing flannel hearts’. (Nevermind that this is 8 x 8 heart is an ideal project to use up some of my flannel fabric stash and scraps!)

I have long know that cotton fabrics like flannel and jersey knit absorb a person’s scent. I was also aware of the fact that a baby knows a mother’s scent within days of birth.

What better way to connect a new mother and her preemie than with a small piece of fabric that she ‘wears’? After the heart absorbs the mother’s scent, she places it in the baby’s isolette or crib so that the comforting scent is there to soothe the baby.

Who Receives Inspirational Hearts?

Preemies of the Carolinas sends out their Individual Preemie Packets nationwide to parents of preemies who contact them using this page.

The Individual Preemie Packets include 2 sewn hearts along with a poem intended to lift the family’s spirits. There are two inspirational hearts per packet so that a family can continue to have a heart constantly with the baby while mom is ‘preparing’ the one at home.

Sew Hearts For Preemies Of The Carolinas

The inspirational hearts measure 8 x 8 and Preemies of the Carolinas provides the pattern here.

Things to know or do before sewing:

  • All projects must be made in a non-smoking environment or home
  • All fabric must be washed in unscented, non-dyed detergent before the pattern is cut
  • Hearts may be sewn with a sewing machine or a serger. Refer to the pattern for more details.

When you’ve finished your hearts to donate, send them here:

Preemies of the Carolina’s
2764 Pleasant Road, #10803
Fort Mill, SC 29708

Share the Goods

If you plan to sew hearts for Preemies of the Carolinas, please let us know in the comments below.

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