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Why I Give: Tina Park Supports Women Of Worth

This is the part of a series of “Why I Give” interviews intended to demonstrate that we all have a cause that speaks to us and, no matter what we have, we can find some way to contribute. In the world of nonprofits, while monetary support is always needed, they also need our time and energy.

It’s also important to see the diversity in how people choose to give back, so I am hopeful that these first-person stories introduce you to opportunities you didn’t know existed and connect you to new concepts, new nonprofits, and wonderful new people.

It just takes one small action to have a ripple effect, and I want to make waves.

Meet Tina Park

Tina Park New Zealand Photo

About Tina

Tina Park is a Business Analyst for one of the biggest tech companies in New Zealand who loves to connect online with people from around the world.

Tina’s Story Of Giving

Who do you support?

I support Women Of Worth whose vision involves helping women ‘discover the unique potential and purpose, and fully living their intrinsic worth.’

Why do you support Women Of Worth?

I instantly felt connected with Women of Worth when I discovered them while searching for new volunteer work. They’re a non-profit organization in Wellington, New Zealand that runs programmes to build confidence and purpose into women’s lives. They mentor women with practical life skills such as personal finance and time management. Women of Worth’s work changes women’s lives, by helping them become financial and emotionally independent, and start contributing back to their families and communities.

Tina Park supports Women Of Worth and this is her favorite quote.How do you support Women Of Worth?

I currently volunteer for Women of Worth as their Communications Specialist. This means that I create, review, and edit anything to do with their content for external communications. Since I joined Women of Worth in April 2016, I’ve been helping with their information sheet, pamphlets, and web content to ensure that our messages are consistent and clear for potential funding providers and sponsors. I’ve also helped to recruit a couple of designer volunteers with whom I work in my full-time, paid job.

How do you hope to make a difference through your support of Women Of Worth?

Women of Worth is still a relatively young organization; it started in 2013. My long-term goal for Women of Worth is to help grow their brand and spread the word about the amazing work that they do. As a short-term goal, I’m working with our designers to launch a new, sexy website for Women of Worth, so make sure to keep a look out!

Connect With Tina

If you would like to learn more about Tina, you can find her here:

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