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What Should I Make To Donate?

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re asking yourself, “What should I make to donate?”

When you craft for charity, the hardest part is often deciding which project to do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to making handmade goods or have a lot of experience – everyone gets caught up in over thinking what to do and how to do it best.

Or even, deciding between which project you should do because they are all worthy!

Fortunately crafting for a cause doesn’t typically involve reinventing the wheel or having to determine the best possible approach.

Many nonprofits have established patterns which take out any guesswork.

Even better, since detailed directions are provided you have the opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have the need to make before.

If you are an experienced maker, crafting things to donate is a perfect way to destash your fabric, yarn, beads, etc.

In fact, I had a wonderful time during my self-imposed destash challenge, because the purpose of each creation was just to make something gift-worthy.

So the beads I didn’t love, but I was still saving “just in case”? Those were the first to be integrated into some designs.

If you are newer to crafting, making handmade donations is a wonderful way to gain more experience and find which mediums speak to you most.

Craft Handmade Donations For Charity

The ideas below are a general high-level list and I have also included some organizations need to get you started.

If you already support organizations you feel should be added to this list, please contact me so I can include them.


– Make face masks with ties, face masks with no pleats, face masks with a filter pocket, or a no-sew neck gaiter face covering.

– Make a scrub cap with this free pattern or try one of these two alternative scrub cap patterns.

After you’ve sewn a bunch, donate face masks here (post with list) and I imagine they might welcome scrub caps too.

Sewing Projects For Hospitals

– Make blankets – quilts, no sew fleece, knitted, or crocheted

– Make pillowcases – 100% cotton, flannel (from no smoking, pet free home)

These charities are accepting pillowcases: Ryan’s Case For Smiles, Amazing Grace Pillowcase.

Projects For NICU Infants

G-tube cover with snap pattern and tutorial

– Make hats, NICU Graduate onesies, and gowns for NICU babies.

– Make inspirational flannel hearts for preemies

– Sew g-tube covers with a free pattern.

Organizations accepting donations for NICU babies are: Preemies of the Carolinas

Support Cancer Care

– Make a port pillow (aka “softies”) for chemo patients.

– Make a mastectomy pillow.

– Make and fill a chemo care bag.

– Sew a chemo pump pouch.

Some organizations that need cancer care support items are:

Cancer CAREpoint

Bay Area Cancer Connections

Sister’s Network

Latinas Contra Cancer

Craft Projects For Hospitals

– Make handmade cards in a variety of themes – cute sayings and animals, sports, nature, etc.

Organizations that would LOVE your cards are: Cardz For Kidz, Card Care Connection, Send A Smile Today, Cards For Hospitalized Kids

– Make bows and headbands

Organizations accepting bows for hospitalized patients: Vegas Cute

Support Seniors

– Make small pieces of handmade art

Organizations to consider are: Color > Smile > Give (and more coming soon!)

Support Children In Need

– Make fabric toiletry bags or clear plastic toiletry bags for foster children (that you can also fill with goodies)

Connect with and donate to organizations like: Hope In A Suitcase, Austin Threads

– Make small handmade toys like softies or stuffed animals

Donate handmade items to organizations like: Carry the Future

General Items For Organizations of All Kinds

– Make Hats for people of all ages – knitted, sewn, or no-sew

– Make Scarves – knitted, sewn, or no-sew

– Make fleece neck gaiters

– Make animal toys made from fabric scraps

– Make accessories – FOE hair ties, fabric scrunchies

Share The Goods

Take a look at the Donation Inspiration section of the site for detailed project tutorials and new, innovative ideas. As the site grows, so will this section of the site.

If you have any ideas or projects you’d like to share, please contact us.