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Where Can I Buy Fabric For Face Masks?

Where Can I Buy Fabric For Face Masks?

There are a lot of pressing questions related to COVID-19 these days and one of the BIG ones is, “Where can I buy fabric for face masks?”.

I mean, who knew that sourcing 100% cotton fabric would be so difficult for the average person?

Even seasoned makers with, what they considered to be, a very good-sized stash are looking for places that can provide supplies including fabric, elastic, and bias tape.

What’s worse is even when you think you’ve found a place to buy fabric for face masks, some stores may offer curbside pick-up, but likely cannot fulfill your order. That part isn’t the biggest issue, though, it’s the lack of customer service that is really the most frustrating for many people.

Are Big Box Fabric Stores Worth The Hassle?

My own story? I have been a long-time, regular customer at several of our local JoAnn Fabrics. So, I when I needed some additional fabric, I started there. They typically offer a large selection, and the sale prices often work in my favor for projects like face masks.

I spent over an hour online working through the website just trying to fabrics that my local store could fulfill before I finally placed an order. And then I waited. And waited. And waited…

I tried calling the store to get a status (or at least some sort of information) and no one would answer the phone. I contacted someone on Twitter and got a stock answer that was no help.

Then, a week later, they cancelled the whole order. To add insult to injury, I got 12 separate emails telling me each individual item had been cancelled. If I were to take it personally, it felt like I was being taunted.

Why am I calling them out? Because I was still getting daily emails from JoAnn trying to sell me things (fabric included!) while they also touted their efforts to make masks for those in need. It was a HUGE disconnect and one that was reminiscent of the old JoAnn’s that didn’t really want customers around.

Shop Small Businesses For Face Mask Fabric

Assorted fabric face masks from Create To Donate

It’s always important to support small businesses, but now it’s even more important since so many have had to close their doors. Plus, not everyone has stocked, local shops in their town where they can buy fabric when the big box stores fail them.

So I want to share some great online shops where you can find all kinds of fabrics. You will also be supporting small businesses’ bottom lines.

3 Great Places To Buy Fabric Online

Here are three great places to buy all kinds of fabric in no particular order.

Honey Bee Quilt Store

The Honey Bee Quilt Store is located in Austin, TX and offers fabric by the yard as well as quilt kits. Until recently, they were only offering online shopping but they are now able to shop in-store or just do curbside pick-up.

One of the things I like about Honey Bee Quilt Store is that, if you’re tight for time, they take out the guesswork by offering a Covid Mask 7 yard bundle. They are also an active part of the local quilting community which means they are tightly connected to the needs of their makers.

Fabric Destashing For People Who Aren’t Cray Cray

Fabric destash for face masks.

If you’re looking for a fun, helpful group of makers then look no further than the Facebook Group Fabric Destashing For People Who Aren’t Cray Cray.

The types of fabrics offered for purchase run the gamut and so does the pricing. The group includes small fabric businesses looking to unload stock as well as individuals looking to sell off some of their yards of fabrics. Members regularly post their fabrics so you can check throughout the day to see how things fit your needs.

The admin, Victoria, has clear rules for selling and purchasing. She is quick to remind people of them when she learns they’ve been violated. This ensures the group is a safe place to purchase things.

Please note: If you are in need of something specific, you may post an “ISO” (aka in search of) post but it needs to be specific about the type of fabric and price point you are looking for – not a “fabric for masks” request. This is a buy and sell group, not one where donations should be solicited.

One of the best parts of this group is that on any given day you could be either the buyer or the seller.

Regardless of your role, you are always welcome to join in the conversation as long as you…yep, you guessed it, play by the rules.

Charlotte’s Sew Natural

Charlotte’s Sew Natural is located in Newton, Kansas and currently offers arranged pick-ups and mail deliveries. You can select from a variety of quality cotton by-the-yard fabrics. She also offers charm packets and bundles as well as pre-cut fabrics.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, head on over to their Bargains and Specials page.

Rockywoods Fabrics (Materials for Face Mask Ties)

While Rockywoods Fabrics in beautiful Loveland, Colorado doesn’t carry 100% cotton fabric, they do have a variety of performance fabrics. Hopefully their selection will make pique your interest for future projects.

I included them in this list because they offer grosgrain ribbon, one of the best materials for fabric face mask ties. Click here to see their selection.

Fabric Shopping Should Be Fun!

Shopping for fabric, in my opinion, should always be a fun time! Each of the above options has (from what I know so far) responsive customer service and some wonderful fabric options.

So, hopefully you’ll buy fabric for face masks to donate to community groups as well as share with family, and friends.

Share The Goods

Do you have a favorite fabric shop that’s an online vendor or local store with an online option? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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