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Your Child Should Do These 5 Yoga Poses Every Day

We were first introduced to Meddy Teddy in his exclusive tell all interview.

And since our first conversation, Meddy Teddy’s commitment to helping families build lifelong yoga practices has grown even stronger and so has his community of beary happy yogis and yoginis who have supported his crowdfunding campaign.

And while he still has yet to practice yoga with his celebrity crush Miley Cyrus, his message of mindfulness continues to make its mark as his Instagram community practices #YogaWithMeddy.

Now that Spring has officially arrived, children can practice yoga virtually anywhere. So, I invited Meddy Teddy to share the 5 yoga poses your child should do every day to improve their bodies and their minds.

A Mini Class With Meddy Teddy

Downward Facing Dog (aka Down Dog)

Meddy Teddy downward dog

Photo Credit: Instagram @thegivingmom

When you practice downward facing down, your goal is to your have hands firmly planted, and if possible, the soles of the feet touching the ground with legs straight.

Focus on the strength of your arms on the inhale and focus on the strength of your legs on the exhale.

Downward facing dog allows you to become deeply connected to Mother Earth. To absorb all of her energies, stay connected with your breath.


Meddy Teddy plank pose on beach

Plank gets you ready for your flow. It strengthens your upper body and connects you with your breath. Plank is also the post that connects your downward dog to your upward dog.

Upward Facing Dog (aka Up Dog)

Meddy Teddy up dog on beach
For upward facing dog (or in this case, upward facing bear), let your attention rest in your body, then press your hands into the floor and look up toward the sun.

Close your eyes and imagine your body as a sun, radiating light and warmth inside and all around you.

Up dog is all about connecting the breath. You released the exhale from your plank and inhale as you raised your chest toward the sun.

Warrior 2

Meddy Teddy Warrior 2

Photo Credit: Instagram @summerperez

A warrior must be present, ready for anything that might arise; therefore finding your inner power is the main ingredient in Warrior 2.

Begin by standing your ground and connecting to the earth beneath you. Then, open your arms wide to demonstrate the power of your energy.

Warrior 2 builds the leg strength and poise needed to expand into deeper areas of yoga as your child’s practice advances. Children can return to this pose anytime to feel more powerful and in control of the world around them.

Tree Pose

Meddy Teddy in tree pose

Think of yourself standing tall and magnificent with your feet rooted deeply in the earth, giving you balance and poise.

Feel comforted in the belief  that you are strong but flexible. You are enduring and beautiful just like the tree.

Once you’ve gotten your balance with tree pose, go within, and do it eyes closed.

A Daily Meddytation

After you’ve finished Meddy Teddy’s mini yoga practice, use this short and simple Meddytation to send you off ready to face your day:

  • Find a comfortable seated position.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take 5 mindful breaths by inhaling through the nose slowly and calmly, and using the same relaxed breath for your exhales.



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